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Free Fire wins award for the Best Esports Mobile game of 2020

A big milestone for Free Fire!

The annual Esports Awards is back, and the awards are being distributed accordingly for each category. Many big names in the Gaming Industry are in the race to bag the biggest of awards in the event. One of the categories of the Event Show includes “Esports Mobile Game of the year”, which is presented by Verizon where popular Battle Royale game Free Fire emerged victorious of this title for the year 2020, in what can be said was a tough battle among several other popular games such as PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, etc.

About Esports Awards 2020

The Esports Awards is an annual event that serves to recognize excellence achieved in Esports and celebrate it globally. It aims to create a legacy in this world where esports is already evolving into a giant industry. To keep the contributions and milestones reached in this industry forever immortalized; is what drives the event to honor the deserving.

Free Fire wins the best Esports mobile game of 2020 award

Free Fire is a survival-based Battle Royale game that is massively popular among many continents. It’s loved for its unique character system, tactical gameplay, and all the more, for offering compatibility to lower-end mobile devices. Recently, its eSports environment took a gigantic leap in the form of increased official tournaments being held, collaborations with other big brands, and enhancing the game elements in a way so that it caters to the need of becoming a balanced eSports mobile game.

free fire

Reports also suggest that the eSports industry in the mobile platform has witnessed significant growth in terms of digital views, especially courtesy of Free Fire. The game alone managed to get across 150M+ online views in the last quarter (Q3, 2020) through its official eSports tournaments. This shows how much the competition and interest in the eSports aspects of this game have sky-rocketed in the lockdown within the ever-increasing player base.

If the Devs and staff members of Garena keep putting in the sincere efforts and bring about successful new enhancements into the game, it’ll surely be going places!

What do you think about Free Fire winning the Best eSports Mobile game of 2020? Drop-in your opinions in the comment section below!

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