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FT Team was crowned champions of the Identity V SEA IVC 2023

The champions secured one seat in the World Championship of Identity V COA Ⅶ

The 2023 Identity V SEA IVC Championship reached its conclusion at the AIS E-Sports Studio in Samyan Mithrown Mall, Bangkok, Thailand. The FT team emerged victorious, earning the title of 2023 SEA IVC Champions and securing a coveted spot in the World Championship of Identity V COA Ⅶ.

Hosted within the prestigious AIS E-Sports Hall situated in Bangkok’s bustling business district, the Identity V SEA IVC Finals witnessed the intense competition of four formidable teams: GH, UTP, FT, and IDOL. These teams had battled through numerous rounds to reach the grand finale, captivating the audience with an electrifying display of skill and strategy. The passionate onsite fans added to the fervor, showing unwavering support for their favorite teams.

Identity V SEA IVC 2023 champions FT Team triumphs in an epic showdown

During the two-day SEA IVC final, four leading teams hailing from the SEA region went all out in pursuit of the championship trophy. Ultimately, after navigating the knockout stage, the GH and FT teams found themselves on the grand finals stage, ready to vie for the coveted title. In this intense championship showdown, the Survivor and Hunter players from both squads showcased the exceptional skill level of SEA players in a best-of-five match, delivering a captivating spectacle for the audience.

FT Team Identity V
Image via NetEase

In the climactic round, the constantly shifting dynamics injected significant tension and excitement into the proceedings for all players involved. The FT team maintained a composed mindset throughout the game, with their Survivors displaying remarkable synergy that exerted immense pressure on the opposing Hunters. Meanwhile, the Hunters from FT exhibited stellar performances by adeptly controlling the pace of the game, often cornering their adversaries.

On the other side of the competition, the GH team fought relentlessly, successfully averting multiple potential crises. However, in the end, it was the FT team that demonstrated superior prowess, seizing every opportunity on the battlefield and clinching the 2023 SEA IVC championship with a final score of 3:1. They proudly carried the championship trophy back home, marking a significant achievement. Congratulations to Team A for securing one of the seats at the upcoming World Championship of Identity V COA Ⅶ.

AIS E-Sports Studio hosted the thrilling Identity V SEA IVC finals in Bangkok

The Identity V SEA IVC Finals took place at the AIS E-Sports Studio, situated within the bustling Samyan Mithrown Mall, located in Bangkok, Thailand’s premier business district. This mall served as an exciting backdrop for the event.

AIS E-Sports Studio
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The AIS E-Sports Studio, chosen as the final’s venue, offered both the audience and players a comfortable setting and a heightened level of professionalism. It became a central hub where players and fans converged, crafting a unique esports celebration exclusively for the SEA region. The on-site players received a warm reception and abundant support from the attendees.

Additionally, a renowned commentator from the Identity V ecosystem provided real-time commentary to enhance the audience’s understanding of the matches. The event also featured captivating photo booths and a vibrant merchandise area, adding an extra layer of enjoyment and creating an indelible offline carnival experience for Identity V players in Thailand.

Spectacular battles and unforgettable moments light Up Thai Summer

Identity V SEA IVC 2023
Image via NetEase

During the summer, prominent teams from the SEA region came together to host an Identity V event exclusively for the Thai audience. The SEA Identity V Championship of this year managed to draw the attention of powerful teams from Southeast Asia, resulting in spectacular contests. The finalists, in particular, left a lasting impression on the spectators with their remarkable maneuvers and strategies.

What are your thoughts as Team DOU5 is crowned as the champions of Identity V SEA IVC 2023? Let us know in the comments below!

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