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Identity V Call of The Abyss (COA6) VI 2023 Global Finals: Tournament format, participating teams, and more

The Final Battle for Glory!

The Global Finals of Identity V Call of The Abyss (COA6) VI 2023 by NetEase Games, are about to commence, and the world is eagerly anticipating it. It is the game’s most renowned esport event, and it offers a significant amount of prestige and a larger prize pool of $585,000.

Elite teams from six significant regions worldwide are vying for the title of world champion by overcoming numerous obstacles. Eventually, one team from Southeast Asia and three from Japan will join eight teams from the Chinese mainland in the playoffs of the Global Finals.

Identity V Call of The Abyss (COA6) VI 2023 Global Finals: Tournament format

The World Championship of COAVI consists of a group stage and playoffs. The group stage lasted for two weeks, from April 7th to April 18th, and it concluded successfully. Twelve teams out of twenty from six regions qualified for the knockout stage through a single-round point race. These teams are Wolves, FPX.ZQ, DOU5, GG, WBG, ACT, Gr, and GW from the Chinese mainland, AXZ, ZETA, and FL from Japan, and ZT from Southeast Asia.

Identity V Call of The Abyss (COA6) VI 2023 Global Finals Tournament format
Image via NetEase

The playoffs will have a single-elimination format with five rounds: eight winners finals, quarterfinals, semi-finals, third-place playoffs, and finals. The winners in the group stage will advance to the quarterfinals or the 1/4 finals with byes. The second and third teams will compete in the 12 to 8 finals, and the winner of the round will face the teams that advance to the quarterfinals.

The playoffs will take place from April 30 to May 30, 2023, which marks the final competition stage of this year’s COAVI. Although 12 teams have made it through the group stage, it remains to be seen who will continue their journey to the world championship and win the trophy for the champion. Everyone is encouraged to stay tuned and find out.

Identity V Call of The Abyss (COA6) VI 2023 Global Finals: Participating Teams

In the completed playoff draw for grouping, Wolves, FPX ZQ, and DOU5 were among the top 8 teams after ranking No.1 in each group. Additionally, AXZ from Japan made it to the Top 8 with the best performance during the group stage. The remaining teams including GG, WBG, ACT, Gr, and GW from the Chinese Mainland, ZETA and FL teams from Japan, and the Zt team from Southeast Asia, will compete in the Top 8 on April 30.

Identity V Call of The Abyss (COA6) VI 2023 AXZ
Image via NetEase

The three teams from Japan that advanced are known for their competitiveness. ZETA, having won the 2022IJL twice in a row, is considered the top-level team in Japan and a strong candidate for the COAVI World Championship. AXZ team has demonstrated impressive performance during the qualifiers and advanced to the knockout stage as the No.1 team in its group. FL, with multiple players who have participated in COA before, is the most experienced team.

Zt from Southeast Asia was the only team from the region to make it to the playoffs. They were the runner-up team in Southeast Asia IVC and advanced to the playoffs after defeating three strong opponents, thanks to their special lineup “Friends in the Manor” of Identity V.

Identity V Call of The Abyss (COA6) VI 2023 Zt
Image via NetEase

Although the four international teams should not be underestimated, the Chinese Mainland teams they will face in the playoffs are equally competitive. It remains to be seen who will advance to the next level and ultimately win the championship title.

Identity V Call of The Abyss (COA6) VI 2023 Global Finals: Region

The COA6 Global Finals are scheduled to take place in two locations, namely Tokyo, Japan, and Hangzhou, Chinese Mainland. The event will feature international teams competing against each other in a cross-border showdown, with one group gathering at the SHINJUKU SUMITOMO HALL in Tokyo and the other at the CHINA HANGZHOU ESPORTS CENTER in the Chinese Mainland.

In order to provide the audience with an exceptional viewing experience, the venue in Tokyo will be upgrading its stage effects according to the COA6 Starry Sky theme. Additionally, there will be photo booths and peripheral products available for purchase outside the venue to enhance fan interaction and overall experience. Both online and offline venues will offer various benefits for fans as well.

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