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Identity V ‘Call of The Abyss VI’ (COA6) Non- Chinese Mainland Qualifiers end, Global Finals to be held on April 7, 2023

The Global finals of COA VI takes place on April 7th!

The greatest annual global e-sports competition of Identity V, Call of the Abyss VI (COA), is held in six divisions: the Republic of Korea Division, the Chinese mainland Division, the Japan Division, the NAEU Division, Southeast Asia Division, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan Division. The three stages of the tournament in-game audition stage, the online qualifier stage, and the global final stage. The Top 8 clubs in each division will be invited to the online qualifiers for each division. Players can create their clubs to compete in the in-game audition stage. The winning team from each division’s final qualifier will be invited to the world finals to fight against the other invited teams.

On February 17, 2023 Identity V ‘Call of The Abyss VI’ global qualifier was formally launched. Each division’s final qualifiers were arranged for the final ranking. The non-Chinese Mainland division qualifiers have concluded after three weeks of intense rivalry. The online qualifying competitions for the NAEU Division, Republic of Korea Division, Southeast Asia Division, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan Division, and Japan Division have each been finished, with 8 winners moving on to the competition of the next level. They will play against the successful Chinese Mainland teams and other invited clubs from the IVL, IJL, and IVC. The COAVI global championship will feature 20 teams competing against one another.

Call of The Abyss VI Global Finals to see great games from a team of five divisions

This year, COAVI’s competition format has been improved. The global final will feature 20 clubs, enabling more clubs to participate. We have witnessed several outstanding games in the qualifying contests from non-Chinese Mainland divisions that exceeded our expectations. According to their knowledge of the game, players from various divisions also dedicated unique operations, which gave several fantastic games.

Identity V Call of The Abyss VI
Image via NetEase

OM and B4U from the NAEU Division, MS from the Republic of Korea Division, RD from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan Division, Zt, the winning club, and GH, the invited team from the Southeast Asia Division, as well as AXZ, FL, and RC, the winning clubs, and ZETA and SZ, the invited team from Japan Division, are on the list of qualifying game winners. Seven winners from the preliminary matches, along with the invited team Wolves and GG, will compete in the Chinese Mainland Division final. These 20 clubs will come up with a champion for the global final.

Non-Chinese Mainland division qualifiers saw the best game among the rivals

Based on their knowledge of the game and the rivalry, all players gave their best efforts in the COAVI qualifying games in the non-Chinese Mainland divisions. Everyone was amazed by the first performance of “Nightmare” the Hunter and Survivors’ excellent presentation of the Doctor during the Republic of Korea Division qualifying game. Players from NAEU also have a distinct knowledge of lineup selection. In competition, they are more likely to select the double-player lineup to increase club stability and operational space.

Identity V Call of The Abyss VI
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In contrast, the division for players from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan operates similarly to players from the Chinese Mainland in terms of lineup choice. This focuses more on the speed of Cipher Machine decoding with 1 or 2 fixers in their lineup, which will provide some advantages based on the current mechanism and the future operation.

The Southeast Asia Division’s strategy is more audacious, with Lawyers taking the place of the lineup’s usual fixers. It can be observed that Japanese players engage in fantastic operations through close collaboration. They aim for higher top limits under the presumption of maintaining the game’s stability.

Team MS from the Republic of Korea division won the online qualifier

The MS team is a club with a wealth of gaming expertise. It was the online qualifier winner in the Republic of Korea Division. The team advanced to the COAV knockout round’s top 12 last season. It maintained its momentum in this year’s qualifier as well, thanks to the Survivor and Hunter’s excellent performances. The Survivors from MS Club demonstrated exceptional performance in the game’s general control with only average performance in the game’s lasting time and decoding speed. This indicates that the team members possess advanced skills.

MS KOrea
Image via NetEase

MS Im So Ov O demonstrated a high level the seasoned use of skills in psychological gaming and role-playing. Particularly when it came to mastering the Female Dancer’s Music Box and the exquisite dancing steps. When the teammates are slightly at a disadvantage, MS_M1TakE, the Hunter from MS, is equally outstanding to achieve 4 wins. This establishes a strong foundation for the game’s final victory.

Zt won the qualifying game from the Southeast Asia division and GH will be the invited item

The Southeast Asia Division also regularly features the Zt team. They have frequently engaged in the COA and IVC for Southeast Asia. They have consistently demonstrated their strong strength during this year’s qualifier. Zt_Sneaky, the Hunter, is skilled at playing a variety of parts, whether it’s the dream sorceress, a favorite among the competitors, or the Sculptor and Geisha, who both have striking physical characteristics.

Identity V Call of The Abyss VI
Image via NetEase

The Survivor from Zt is also exceptional. The team won three or four games thanks to the players’ strong teamwork and individual confinement skills. With the help of Zt_Xizi, the Antiquarian, and Zt_Mx, who uses a powerful retention ability, they can obtain three Cipher Machines thanks to the Lawyer’s ability to see Hunter through. Observing Zt_Potato, the Seer, escape through the cellar in desperate circumstances is also remarkable. Zt club successfully collaborated with Survivor and Hunter to win the qualification game this year.

B4U and OM emerged as the winners from NAEU division

The battle has got tougher in this division this year with one more qualifying spot available. B4U and OM have advanced to the COA VI global championship by winning the qualifying match. B4U has consistently triumphed in this division, representing NAEU’s strength by taking part in COA on numerous occasions. The opponent’s Hunter’s rhythm was disrupted by the survivors’ excellent collaboration in several successful operations. With a strong 4-catch rate of 67%, star player B4U_Sprintzer carried over the positive trend from the previous year. They advanced their club to the global championship.

Identity V Call of The Abyss VI
Image via NetEase

This year, OM is considered a dark horse in the area. With 2.86 opponents eliminated per game, the Hunter OM_Nico managed to tie the opponent in the crucial final round. The OM survivors’ strong camaraderie helped the squad advance to the final with a consistent performance. The group is now referred to as the NAEU Division’s secret weapon.

RD won the qualifying game from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan division

Team RD
Image via NetEase

The RD club’s experience in the qualifying match was thrilling but exciting, but fortunately, they prevailed over formidable opponents and advanced to the COA championship. Despite the difficulties of being trapped in the game with Bz, the Survivor, and Hunter still produced excellent operations without being affected by the earlier circumstance, and even managed an outstanding comeback in the end. For a very long period, RD_PINPIN successfully caught Hunter, which allowed his teammates to break the Cipher Machine. Following that, RD earned the last spot in the COAVI global final in the competition against Esp.

AXZ, FL and RC won the qualifying game from Japan Division, ZETA and SZ will be invited

The rivalry in the Japan Division seems to be more intense because it is not only the second-largest professional division after the Chinese mainland Division in terms of both the number of participating clubs and promotion spots.

Image via NetEase

Along with the other two invited teams, there will be 3 clubs from the qualifying matches. All the clubs have a great deal of expertise, both personally and in terms of their knowledge of the game and depth of experience in the lineup. Looking back at the qualifying game, we could see that the pool of Hunters in AXZ did not overlap, giving the BP stage more benefits and opportunities. There were 25 players in total, placing them among the top three teams. FL has made the most use of the water. An excellent result in three runs, or even 33% of four runs, was produced by the Survivors’ consistent performance and effective coordination of the supporting positions.

Identity V Call of The Abyss VI
Image via NetEase

RC, on the other hand, had a more difficult path where they placed a greater emphasis on stability. With a double ob of Prospector and Antiquarian, RC applied Embalmer multiple times to increase stability, ensuring that another teammate had a second opportunity. Survivors had a success percentage as high as 50%. It is anticipated that all these clubs will be able to deliver more fantastic matches and a strong performance from the Japanese division on the COA VI international stage.

Identity V Call of The Abyss VI global finals will be held at two offline venues

The COA VI qualifiers in the non-Chinese mainland divisions are over, and the winners of five divisions from those divisions have been determined. Among the winners are teams that are well-known to the COA audience as well as a few new underdogs. These clubs, who will also represent their various divisions in the COA VI global championship, have already demonstrated their superiority in the qualifiers. On April 7, the best clubs from all six categories will congregate on the Identity V stage to compete for the top prize.

The global finals will be held in Hangzhou, China, and Tokyo, Japan, at this year’s COA VI. The COA VI final will take place offline in Tokyo, Japan, and all of the competitors from divisions outside of the Chinese mainland will participate.

The Global Final of Identity V Call of the Abyss (COA) is about to start. The group stage, which will feature competitive players from each class, will begin on April 7. For the Identity V Worldwide Esports Festival, everyone will give it their all. We’re anticipating each team’s incredible performances on the worldwide finals stage, and we’ll be watching to see who comes out on top!

Are you excited about the new Call of the Abyss VI Global Final in Identity V? Let us know in the comments below.

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