Mobile Legends MPL-CIS Season 2: Format, Schedule, Prize pool, Teams

New tournament in making for the CIS region!

MOONTON GAMES has recently expanded their professional league named Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) into Turkey, South America, USA. There have been existing MPL’s in the SEA region. Now, it seems like MOONTON is looking to cover the mainland Europe CIS region. After the performance of NAVI, formerly known as Deus Vult and stunning gameplays by Defender, Sunset Lovers in the M3 World Championship, the MPL-CIS tournament in Season 2 will be a massive opportunity for the Mobile Legends competitive players to show what they have in store. This will also open the door for more teams in the CIS region to participate in the M3 series for the year 2022.

This is great news for the CIS region and the news came through the upload of the YouTube channel of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Russia on the 5th of February, 2022 on Saturday local time. The video suggests a tournament named Mobile Legends Mythic League (MML) CIS. It also can be a similar traditional MPL tournament called MPL-CIS.

Mobile Legends MPL-CIS Season 2: Invited Teams

The top team from the CIS region is undoubtedly Deus Vult, as they have represented the region multiple times in the world championships. After the gaming giants NAVI took over Deus Vult, their name and weight have gone up even higher. Also, they possess some amazing players who are already famous among internet communities. Apart from them, there are names like UNEXT, North Star who actually defeated NAVI in the upper bracket, and Team Parrots. With the prize money getting so high, we can expect to see some other big names coming in soon.

Navi mobile legends esports roster
Image via Natus Vincere

So overall, Mobile Legends Mythic League CIS will be the start of Moonton’s official journey in the CIS countries. The region is highly potential and active in mobile gaming because of the internet cafe culture. Also, names like NAVI will be inspiring and boosting for many other promising teams and individuals. We might get a full MPL experience from the CIS side this year, which will be a fine addition to the MLBB professional league.

Mobile Legends MPL-CIS Season 2: Tournament Format

Firstly, the participants from the CIS countries will be selected. They will be divided into groups. In the groups, the teams will play in a round-robin format. Each team will play against the other in a Bo2 match. The top teams are going to qualify for the playoffs.

In the playoffs, the top teams of the group will be selected as upper-bracket teams. The other teams will be taken as lowerbracket teams. The lower-bracket matches are going to be in a format, which will be announced. The best two teams will progress in the finals. Each team, which is losing from the upper bracket will be demoted to the lower bracket. Another defeat will result in a tournament exit.


The schedule for Mobile Legends Mythic League CIS is yet to be announced.

Mobile Legends MPL-CIS Season 2: Prize Pool

In the previous Mythic League Season 1: Pro, the prize pool was a total of $8,000. Though the champion team did participate in M3, it was still a compact sum. But from the recent official video, a total prize of $100,000 has been shown.

Mobile Legends MPL-CIS Season 2
Image via Moonton Games

This is a huge upgrade in the prize pool, which will surely result in engaging more players, franchise, and big Esports organizations to take the chance to represent something of their own in the official professional league. Later, the MML CIS 2022 winning team is projected to be able to represent the CIS region to compete in the 2022 M Series which will be a grand opportunity for many to grasp.

Final Thoughts

Although this is yet to be confirmed, this will be a piece of big news for the teams of the former soviet union. Most likely the teams of Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan are going to be eligible to take part in the official tournament. The video also informed about the massively improved prize pool tournament for the CIS counties which should work as an extra motivational aspect for them.

What are your thoughts about Mobile Legends MPL-CIS Season 2? Do let us know in the comments below!

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