Moonton Exclusivity contract causing a huge rift among Esports organizations

The exclusivity contract by Moonton for the Mobile Legends teams is causing a huge rift among the various Esports organizations across Asia. The contract forbids Mobile Legends Esports organizations to field a team in other similar Esports leagues. This urges all the big Esports organizations to drop their current roster in Wild Rift & the Arena of Valor. Many prominent members of the Esports community have voiced their concern regarding the issue. 

Team Secret CEO expresses concern over Moonton exclusivity contract

In response to the contract debacle, the CEO of Team Secret, Mr John Yao has expressed his deep concern about the issue through a Facebook post. He stated that the Mobile Legends tournament often features multiple teams from the same organization facing off against each other in the same tournament. This is far below the global standard for the Esports Industry.

Moonton exclusivity contract Esports organizations
John Yao has spoken against the Moonton exclusivity contract, saying it affects Esports organizations

He also added that the vision chosen by Moonton towards Esports is very unhealthy for all the competing organizations. The survival of an Esports organization very much lies in the investment of multiple teams across various Esports and this contract disturbs its integrity. He finally concluded by saying that Moonton will hopefully investigate this issue & takes back its Exclusivity contract.

Riot Games view on other Esports Leagues

 After the controversy broke out, Wildrift Esports manager Ban “ChisinX” had also voiced the view of his company on the issue. He stated that Riot SEA would not restrict any Esports organization from participating in other Esports mobile leagues. Riot Games empowers their teams to exercise their freedom and choice in the space.

Despite all the outrages on social media, Moonton or the involved parties are yet to make an official statement from their side. Fans & members from the Esports fraternity are eagerly waiting for a response from the developers.

What are your thoughts on the Moonton exclusivity contract, causing a rift among various Esports organizations in Asia? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below!

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