NetEase Games announces Top Clans 2022 Summer Invitational with a grand prize pool

NetEase Games has announced that the grassroots and invitational phases of the Top Clans 2022 Summer Invitational will open soon, bringing together players from all over Southeast Asia to fight for prizes. This year’s event will be different in that the invitational stage will include more professional competitions, including several well-known Dota 2 teams, in order to motivate everyone to step up their game and provide entertaining matches for those watching.

Top Clans is the largest multi-game esports tournament in Southeast Asia, with 6 million video views for its matches in 2021. Players competed in games like Rules of Survival, Tom and Jerry Chase, Naraka: Bladepoint, Dota 2, and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) at the Top Clans 2021 tournaments. Despite the fact that the events took place throughout the global epidemic, players persevered, exhibiting their passion for the games as well as competitive spirit and sportsmanlike behavior.

The tournament will include more professional teams during the invitational stage

The Summer Season of Top Clans 2022 is approaching, and it will pit players against one another in games like Naraka: Bladepoint, Mobile Legend: Bang Bang, and Dota 2. NetEase Games has teamed together with Moonton for the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang event and those who tune in will receive free Diamonds. Top Clans 2022 still hopes to build an online competition system that will serve all of the countries currently affected by the virus, allowing players from those areas to participate.

Naraka Baldepoint Mobile version
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In order to give a higher level of competitiveness for those watching at home, the Top Clans 2022 Summer Invitational will include more professional teams during the invitational stage. Those who watch the Top Clans live stream can also win special prizes that will be revealed at the end of each event.

Top Clans 2022 Summer Season will encompass the SEA region, and the grassroots stage will stretch further into China and Japan than previously, giving multinational teams a better chance to compete in the main event. The prize pool for each game featured in the tournament will be $10,000, so the teams will have every incentive to go all out during each event.

Mobile Legends: How to hide you in-game match history, Mobile Legends 2.2 million views SEA Games
Image via MOONTON Games

The Top Clans 2022 Summer Season’s invitational stage runs from July 13th to July 31th, with the grassroots going from June 10th to July 10th, so that the top team can be chosen to compete in the Summer Invitational. Naraka: Bladepoint, Mobile Legend: Bang Bang, and Grassroots open registrations will be available soon. Dota2 open registration has already begun at the grassroots level.

Top Clans 2022 Summer Invitational will provide a big opportunity for new teams

Professional teams are allowed to compete during the early stages of the Top Clans 2022 Summer Season, but this does not guarantee that they will win. This is a chance for new and up-and-coming teams to claim the brass ring and show that they have what it takes to beat the finest teams in the world. From the start, the competition will be strong, so make sure you tune in and see the clashes unfold!

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