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Free Fire: Phoenix Force crowned as the Free Fire World Series Singapore (FFWS 2021 SG) champions

Tha team from Thailand bags the crown!

The Free Fire World Series 2021, held in Singapore has finally come to an end with Phoenix Force crowned as the champions. The Thai team, which is owned by EVOS Esports, will get a share of $500,000 out of the $2 million prize pool. The Free Fire World Series (FFWS) 2021 is a global event involving some of the best teams from around the globe that have fought their way to winning regional server tournaments to make it into the Grand Finals. It was a LAN-based event held at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore commemorated by a beautiful opening ceremony complying with the covid social distancing standards.

Free Fire World Series Singapore 2021: As it happened

Phoenix Force from Thailand displayed an extreme show of their comprehensive skills. For the first time in the history of Free Fire competitive events, a team secured 3 consecutive BOOYAHs at a global level tournament. The Thai team claimed BOOYAHs in Four of the six matches they played in FFWS 2021.

FFWS 2021 Final Standings

As such, the fight for the pole position was over early with Phoneix Force’s such domination. Phoenix’s Piyapon “TheCruz” Boonchuay was adjourned as the MVP for getting 23 kills in the six matches. However, despite Phoenix Force’s glorious performance, a very intense close battle was consistently fought for the other positions with LOUD, Silence, and Fluxo all trying their best to outnumber each other. Finally at the end, LOUD secured the second position with 77 points while Silence secured the third spot with 73 points

Besides that, quite a number of teams and individual players stood out while some very experienced teams, on the contrary, failed to live up to the expectations. In one of the matches, Nobru, part of the FFWC 2019 Champion team, made some serious bloopers right at the starting match with the grenade launcher where he knocked himself down. This led to a serious backdrop for their team.

Phoenix Force celebrates their win in FFWS 2021

However, Fluxo was quick to put up a redeeming performance in the latter matches. He was at peak of his form in Game 5 in particular, where his team finished First with 10+ kills. Dzarmaro from Team SEE, particularly, made very effective use of the nades, taking out several players and even an entire team in Game 3 Purgatory map, over the course of matches.

Phoenix Force takes home a Prize Pool of $500,000

Free Fire World Series Singapore 2021 champions
The FFWS 2021 Prize pool share amongst all the finalists

The FFWS 2021 is a very high-profile event that had a massive prize pool of $2Million. All the participating 12 teams will be shared certain subsets of the prize pool based on their overall standings. However, the winners, Phoenix Force be taking away Lion’s Share of the prize pool – $500,000 with 113 points under their belt. LOUD, the second-placed team with 73 points will receive an amount of $300k as their prize money. Finally the third-placed team, Silence will get $100k as their prize money.

The FFWS 2021 shattered all-time viewership records

The FFWS 2021 in Singapore was the first international LAN event for Free Fire esports since the COVID-19 pandemic began. And to everyone’s surprise, it completely broke the all-time viewership records by peaking at 5,412,278 viewers and having an average of 2,108,727 viewers. Moreover, the Free Fire World Series stream broke several viewership records even before the matches began going live. The streams on various platforms (excluding the Chinese platforms) accumulated a total of more than 4M+ concurrent viewers. Now that is a milestone record achieved in the history of esports events.

Free Fire World Series Singapore 2021 champions

Even though the Indian teams couldn’t fly to Singapore due to the Covid Travel Restrictions imposed by the Singapore government, Free Fire India official had some steam milestones set for the Indian player base which was reached pretty soon. As a result, the players will be getting Diamond Royale vouchers, character fragments, and a legendary reward of their choice.

What do you think of Phoenix Force emerging as the champions of the Free Fire World Series Singapore 2021? Let us know in the comments!

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