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PMPL South Asia 2020 Finals: Celtz, Megastars, and IND qualify for world league

PMPL South Asia 2020 Finals or PUBG Mobile Pro League SA 2020 Finals came to an end with team Celtz topped the leaderboard with 213 points and two chicken dinners. A total of 16 teams participated from the South Asia region including India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. It was a 3-day tournament that resulted in team Megastars and IND also grabbing their position for PMPL World League.

At the start of the tournament, a total of five teams were supposed to qualify for world league (three teams were supposed to qualify from league stage and two teams from the final stage). But as the tournament proceeded rules were relaxed and a total of seven teams qualified for PMPL World League 2020 (four teams qualified from the league stage and three from the finals stage).

Team Orange Rock, TSM ENTITY, GodLike, and SynerGE had already qualified for the PMPL World League after the league stage. and three places were up for grab in the final week. The PMPL South Asia tournament offered a massive prize pool of $200,000.

List of teams qualifying for World League

The seven teams qualifying the world league are:

  • Orange Rock
  • GodLike
  • SynerGE
  • Celtz
  • Megastars
  • IND

PMPL South Asia 2020 Finals Overall Standings

PMPL South Asia Finals 2020

After playing 15 matches, the teams rankings of PMPL South Asia 2020 Finals are:

  • Celtz – 213 points (2 Chicken Dinner)
  • TSM Entity – 202 points (3 Chicken Dinner)
  • Megastars – 167 points (1 Chicken Dinner)
  • Orange Rock – 165 points (3 Chicken Dinner)
  • SynerGE – 161 points (4 Chicken Dinner)
  • IND – 160 points (1 Chicken Dinner)
  • Godlike – 144 points (1 Chicken Dinner)
  • Fnatic – 128 points (0 Chicken Dinner)
PMPL South Asia Finals 2020
  • U Mumba Esports – 116 points (0 Chicken Dinner)
  • Elementrix – 111 points (0 Chicken Dinner)
  • Team Xtreme – 108 points (0 Chicken Dinner)
  • Marcos Gaming – 106 points (0 Chicken Dinner)
  • Soul – 95 points (0 Chicken Dinner)
  • Team Tamilas – 93 points (0 Chicken Dinner)
  • vsg Crawlers – 87 points (0 Chicken Dinner)
  • Powerhouse – 74 points (0 Chicken Dinner)

PMPL Finals Kill Leaders

PMPL Finals Kill Leaders
  •  SGE Seervi: 23 kills
  • Celtz Ultron: 22 kills
  • Celtz Attanki: 21 kills
  • TeamIND Snax: 21 kills
  • Fnatic Owais: 20 kills

The World League is the next PUBG event that mobile gamers are eagerly looking forward to witnessing as the best from the globe will come to play against each other. The event will take place from July 10 to August 9, 2020.

PMPL South Asia Final 2020 Day 3 stream

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