Team Secret is crowned as the Wild Rift SEA Icon Series Philippines Summer Season – North Luzon champions

Nexplay Esports and Galaxy Racer claim the 2nd and 3rd places

After two weeks of action-packed games and battles of wits, Team Secret came up on top in the League of Legends: Wild Rift event as they win the North Luzon branch of the SEA Wild Rift Icon Series Summer Season Group Stage in the Philippines. Moreover, Nexplay Esports came up in second place followed by Galaxy Racers and Action PH who ended up in third place and fourth place respectively. Team Secret along with three other teams: Action PH, Nexplay Esports and Galaxy Racers fought for two weeks in the tournament’s Summer Season group stage. Moreover, the said teams participated in a two-day open qualifier segment as well with over a hundred teams that played to be able to join the group stage.

Wild Rift SEA Icon Series Summer Season Group Stage – Philippines, North Luzon: As it happened

For winning the series and ending up in second place, Team Secret along with Nexplay Esports, who were the Philippines Preseason Champions, secure their spots in the playoffs of the tournament’s summer season. Moreover, they win a prize of 400,000 and 350,000 Globe Cup Points which can be converted to cash prizes by the end of the tournament. Meanwhile, Galaxy Racers win 150,000 Globe Cup Points for finishing in third place though they lost their spot to the tournament’s playoffs along with Action PH for finishing in fourth place.

The series ended with Team Secret finishing in an impressive 8-1 score only losing 1 game against Nexplay Esport. Meanwhile, Nexplay Esports finished with a 7-2 score and Galaxy Racer with a 3-6 score. Not winning a single game in the series, Action PH finished in a 0-9 score though some games were decided by connectivity issues. For anyone who seeks to see exciting and action-packed competitive Wild Rift, the series is perfect. Additionally, lane swaps and early turret sieges, which almost everyone hates cannot be seen in the tournament anymore. The series features a breath of fresh air for the game’s meta and state while still having the consistent team fights and excitement provided before.

Some new strategies were called a 1-3-1 rotation where the dragon laner and the support are put in the mid lane instead of the mid laner introducing a more aggressive early game of exchanging team fights on both sides of the jungle. However, there are also familiar strategies that can be seen in the series such as the traditional laning and groups for scuttle fights. Overall, the series will surely not disappoint!

How Team Secret paved their way into the championship

Compared to the other teams, Team Secret didn’t really use the meta but their comfort picks and own strategies. Many thought of their draft as lacklustre or bad, due to their drafts that didn’t have synergy and were only individually effective such as “Three-Assassin” and “No-ADC” team compositions that can usually be seen in ranked games, yet it won them the tournament. However, this just says how good Team Secret is by being able to make weird compositions not weird.

Moreover, they can flex their picks making their drafting unreadable for the opponent putting one champion into many possible roles such as Akali (mid lane, baron lane), Seraphine (mid lane, support), Evelyn (baron lane, jungle), Camille (baron lane, jungle) and many more. Besides their genius drafting, Team Secret also showcased their game prowess with their superior team fighting and strategy to beat their competition.


That’s all for the report! If you are looking into checking into the games, they were broadcasted on Twitch and Facebook by PPGL. Additionally, other branches of the tournament: South Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao will be broadcasted on the same platforms as well in the upcoming days, so make sure to stay tuned!

What are your thoughts on Team Secret becoming the Wild Rift SEA Icon Series Philippines- North Luzon champions? Do let us know in the comments below.

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