Tencent outlined their Esports plans at the Global Esports Summit 2020

Tencent talked about some major plans

Chinese multinational company Tencent has been very critical of their plans, especially in the Esports side of gaming. After the success of esports competitions with games like Call of Duty MobilePUBG Mobile, etc. other investment seems to be key in esports titles. However, in the recently conducted Global Esports Summit 2020 and Tencent Esports Annual Conference, the company placed the outline of their plans for the future along with the discussions of its annual planning at the event. Although not all the details are presented to the media, the company heads did share their opinions.

Global Esports Summit 2020 and Tencent Annual Conference

The 2020 Global Esports Summit and Tencent E-sports Annual Conference was organized in Bo’ao, Hainan on 24th August 2020. Hainan is an island province of China, known for its tropical climate, beach resorts, and forested, mountainous interior.

Global Esports Summit 2020

The main target of this conference was to bring together Sports industry elites and esports industry leaders to discuss the gaming industry’s potential to change. Also, the leaders carried out discussions on exploring new opportunities in the future, so that the gaming industry take a bigger step and grow further.

Companies and Prominent Guests present in the Summit

However, as GES identifies itself as a worldwide summit, not only Tencent but representatives from Tencent’s subsidiary companies Riot Games and Supercell, South Korean video game developer Smilegate, and American video game company EA were present in the Global Esports Summit 2020. A commitment to support the initiative and building an interaction platform together is another prominent intention.

2020 Global Esports Summit

As far as the big names are concerned, there were some notable ones. Wei Jizhong, Vice President of Global Esports Federation (GEF), Deng Yaping, Olympic Champion in Table Tennis, Dídac Lee, Member of the Board of Directors of and Head of Digital Field of FC Barcelona were among many other prominent guests from sports and esports industries present in the Summit.

Tencent’s proposed plan for the future

At the Tencent E-sports Annual Conference, Mars Hou, Vice President of Tencent Games and General Manager of Tencent E-sports, officially released the Annual Plan for Tencent Esports. The plan is to integrate esports with cities, technologies, business, education, and sports, and focus on developing esports globally. Tencent Esports will share the company technologies and experience in esports and explore a diversity of business scenarios and opportunities for the industry. 

Mars Hou, Vice President of Tencent Games and General Manager of Tencent E-sports
Mars Hou, Vice President of Tencent Games (second from the left)

Tencent E-sports also plans to continue its investment in training and nurturing more eSports talents. They will be incorporating 12 events under seven categories into its strategic plan. Tencent Esports will team up with Veterinary Support Personnel Network (VSPN), one of Asia’s largest esports experience providers. It is to make these events more systematic and more compelling. Also, to help vitalize the esports industry and accelerate the popularity of esports.

What the leaders of Tencent had to say

The company heads did have their say in the conference and expressed a positive feeling about the ongoing developments.

Mark Ren, Chief Operating Officer of Tencent in Global eSports Summit 2020
Mark Ren, Chief Operating Officer of Tencent

Mark RenChief Operating Officer of Tencent, expresses that esports is becoming the world’s most promising and fastest-growing form of competition and sport. He also added “Esports has captured the hearts of young people around the world. They have crossed boundaries and cultures and brought people together. Tencent E-sports will work with several strategic partners to foster new industry forms and experiences. We thrive to create new growth for eco-partners in various industries while paving the way for more events to develop and flourish worldwide.

Edward Cheng, Vice President of Tencent in Global eSports Summit 2020
Edward Cheng, Vice President of Tencent

Edward Cheng, Vice President of Tencent and Vice Chairman of GEF, spoke about the positive growth of the gaming industry. He said, “In the past decade, our concerted effort made esports evolve into a flourishing independent industry. In the future, we will work with more partners to realize the standardization and globalization of esports.” 

Other news from the Global Esports Summit 2020

Chris Chan, President of the Global Esports Federation (GEF), presented the latest development of GEF. The executive committees of GEF from five continents extended their good wishes online through videos.

#WorldConnected Global eSports Summit 2020
GEF and Tencent E-sports jointly launch the #Worldconnected Initiative

In response to the call of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for engagement and communication between esports and regular sports, GEF and Tencent Esports jointly launched the #Worldconnected Initiative.

About Tencent Esports

Tencent Esports initially operated through Tencent Games Arena (TGA) from 2010. It was officially founded as a brand on December 9, 2016. It made itself an independent business like Tencent Games, China Literature Limited, Tencent Pictures, and Tencent Anime.

After a decade’s development, Tencent Esports has grown into the most leading and competitive esports brand in the world. It is due to building up the most diversified event system, the higher number of e-sports users, and event views.

Tencent Esports professionally and comprehensively supports domestic and international esports development. Also, it promotes global esports cultural exchanges in events, education, technology, industrial ecosystem, franchising, and regulation.

How do you think the decisions taken in the Global Esports Summit 2020 will change the eSports scene in the future? Do let us know in the comments!

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