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The Infinity is crowned as champions of the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) SEA Championship Fall 2022

The top 8 teams have made their way to PMGC!

After almost one month of fierce battle, The Infinity came out as the champions of the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) SEA Championship Fall 2022. The team topped the final point table with a total of 243 points. The whole tournament saw Thai domination, as the top four teams of the tournament were from Thailand. The Infinity will be taking $37,600 USD home as the winners of the tournament, while Buriram United Esports will get $23,600 USD as the first runner-up of the tournament. 

PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) South East Asia Championship Fall 2022: The Infinity and their road to champions

The Infinity kept on a dominating performance since the start of the tournament. They started the tournament from Group B with other big names like Alter Ego and Yodoo Alliance. However, the team showed extraordinary performance throughout the league stage and took the #1 spot in the league stage too. 

Moving onto the playoffs stage, The Infinity had every eye on them as the League stage champions. The team showed valiant performance in this stage also. Although they did not get any mentionable position throughout the finals, the team maintained its consistency. Due to their consistency in position and kill points, The Infinity successfully took the crown of the champions.

Buriram United Esports gave a tough fight to The Infinity for the first spot. However, Buriram United Esports only managed to collect 234 points and came second in the leaderboard. FaZe Clan became the second runner-up with 217 points. 

The Infinity PUBG Mobile PMPL SEA Championship Fall 2022 champions leaderboard
Image via Krafton

The Infinity, Buriram United Esports, FaZe Clan, TEM Entertainment, Yoodo Alliance, D’Xavier, Bacon Time, and Genesis Dogma GIDS have qualified among these teams for PMGC from this tournament. Here are the final standings of the teams with the prize pool distribution:

Final Standings and Prize pool distribution

The Infinity will be taking $37,600 USD home, as the champions of the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) SEA Championship Fall 2022. On the other hand, Buriram United Esports and FaZe Clan will be taking $23,600 USD and $19,700 USD respectively, as the first and second runner-ups.

PositionPrize Money (in $USD)Team(s)
#1$37,600The Infinity
#2$23,600Buriram United Esports
#3$19,700FaZe Clan
#4$17,400TEM Entertainment
#5$11,400Yoodo Alliance
#7$12,400Bacon Time
#8$8,800Genesis Dogma GIDS
#9$7,800Alter Ego LIMAX
#11$6,700Geek Fam
#12$6,900BOOM Esports
#13$6,700Vampire Esports
#14$4,100NFT Esports
#15$3,900Eagle Esport
#17$1,600Don’t Break Dreams
#18$1,000Box Gaming
#20$1,200BN United

nOOzy has been adjudged as the Season MVP of the team The Infinity. The other awards such as Gunslinger given to TonyK from FaZe Clan.

That’s all about the champions of the PMPL SEA Championship Fall 2022, The Infinity.

What are your thoughts on The Infinity being the champions of the PUBG Mobile PMPL SEA Championship Fall 2022? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below!

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