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Tianba is crowned as Peace Elite League (PEL) Spring 2023 champions, qualifies for PMWI

Tianba wins the PEL for the first time!

In what was a breakneck race to the title of being the Peace Elite League or the PEL Spring 2023 champions, Tianba came out on top by managing to keep a hold of their lead and eventually claim the trophy and one of the two slots reserved for China in the PUBG Mobile World Invitational or the PMWI. Read further to know more about how the tournament final unfolded over the 3 days of the competition organized by Tencent and VSPN in China.

PEL 2023 Spring: Tournament Overview

The tournament’s final ended with Tianba being crowned as the surprise champions over the other giants, namely, the likes of Nova, WBG, 4AM and VS. It was nothing short of a cruel heartbreak for WBG and their IGL Suk, a pair which dominated all throughout the league stage or the regular season and came into the final being lauded as the favourites to win. From there, they not only missed out on the title on the final day, but also failed to finish top 2 and clinch a spot in the PMWI.

PEL standings
Image via Peace Elite League

PEL big-timers Nova also disappointed us with their final results, despite being one of the favourites and having the most pedigree out of all PUBG Mobile teams in the world. With many saying that this has been the worst Nova performance in years, their star players Paraboy and especially Order managed to stay close to the top of the individual statistics.

Tianba although deserve all the praise for rising up to the occasion in such a manner and winning their first major title since the inception of the lineup. STE showed mettle as well as they were quick to leapfrog off the back of the failures of other teams such as WBG, AG, and 4AM. Therefore, it could be said that it was an action-packed tournament that had it all from wonders and heartbreaks.

Prize pool and individual accolades

The winner Tianba grabbed a total amount of $754,967, while the runner-up and third-placed STE and WBG respectively earned $322,312 and $405,068. Please note that WBG’s huge earning is partly due to their massive success in the league stages.

Tianba Peace Elite League PEL Spring 2023 champions
Image via Peace Elite League

Moving onto the individual accolades, we have Nova Order as the regular season MVP of the tournament and Tianba Tianyu as the finals MVP. Last but not the least, Tianba Umi is the Rookie of the Season.

Qualification to PMWI

STE, PEL runner up, PMWI
Image via Peace Elite League

According to the slots that were assigned earlier in the year, the top 2 teams from Peace Elite League or the PEL Spring 2023 will get the opportunity to play in the 2nd largest global PUBG Mobile tournament, that is, the PMWI. This time, the two teams that will be representing China are the winners Tianba and global Veterans’ STE.

Final Thoughts

This season’s PEL definitely lived up to the high standards of competition that the league has set and has once again proved that the PEL is rightly hailed as the toughest PUBG Mobile competition in the world. But what not many fans can come to terms with is the apparent rumour that Nova will switch their lineup and probably bench the most successful IGL of all time in Jimmy and Assaulter King. We hope that whatever happens will happen for a reason and that all teams play to the best of their limits.

What are your thoughts on Tianba being crowned as the champions of the Peace Elite League (PEL) Spring 2023? Which team surprised you the most? Did your favourite team live up to your expectations? Let us know in the comments below!

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