Wild Rift Champions Korea (WCK) Season 1: Teams, format, schedule, and more

A new year begins with new challenges

Riot Games has unveiled the first official season of the Wild Rift in Korea. With the experience of many well-organized events in several regions last year, Riot is finally entering the official Wild Rift Esports scene this year which includes a lot of countries, regional, and international tournaments. As a part of the “Esports Roadmap 2022”, Riot announced the League of Legends: Wild Rift Champions Korea (WCK) Season 1, or in short, 2022 WCK Spring.

“We have built a systematic Wild Lift e-sports ecosystem, from the domestic competition called WCK to the first official international competition called ‘Wild Lift Icons Global Championship”, said Riot.

2022 WCK Spring: What is it

WCK 2022 Spring is a part of the WCK series that contains two events: the WCK 2022 Spring itself, and the WCK Challengers 2022 Spring. The main event will feature 6 teams including 4 LCK invited teams and 2 other teams from the open qualifier.

The WCK Open Qualifier will select 10 teams, 2 to advance to the 2022 WCK and 8 to participate in the WCK CL Spring. These will be accepted from January 19 to January 26. In other words, The WCK Open Qualifier is the starting event of the 2022 WCK series.

Wild Rift Champions Korea Season 1
Image via Riot Games

2022 WCK Spring: Schedule and format

Divided into two-stage, the Wild Rift esports event will start on 21 February. The regular league will run for 15 days: 2/21 (Mon) – 4/11 (Mon), every Monday, Tuesday. Teams will fight in double-round robin matches following a Bo3 format. The top 4 teams of each league will advance to the playoffs.

Here are the details of the playoffs stage.

  • Playoffs (4 days): 4/16 (Sat)-17 (Sun), 4/23 (Sat)-24 (Sun)
  • Quarterfinals Single Elimination, Bo5 (Semifinals), Bo7 (Finals Only)

Wild Rift Champions Korea Season 1 participant teams

Among the six teams, 4 are directly invited based on their placement in the LCK. The other two will join later from the qualifier. Here are the teams.

LCK teams

  • T1
  • KT Rolster
  • Freecs
  • SANDBOX Gaming

Qualifier teams


Wild Rift Champions Korea Season 1 Prizepool

The event features a huge ₩100,000,000 to share with the teams. Here is the distribution.

  • Winner: $25,285 (₩30,000,000)
  • Runner-up: $16,856 (₩20,000,000)
  • 3rd place: $13,485 (₩16,000,000)
  • 4th place: $10,957 (₩13,000,000)
  • 5th place: $9,271 (₩11,000,000)
  • 6th place: $8,428 (₩10,000,000)

Final thoughts

The WCK 2022 spring will seed the champion team to the Icons Global Championship that is scheduled to be held in June this year. Adding the WCK Challengers 2022 Spring will bring a breakthrough in Korea’s Wild Rift esports scene as there are two slots for ranking up to the highest league. Underdog teams will surely want to fight all out to stand with the powerhouses.

Which team are you supporting in Wild Rift Champions Korea Season 1 or 2022 WCK Sping? Let us know in the comments below.

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