Wolves is crowned as the champion of King Pro League (KPL) Spring 2024

The team wins its 10th title!

Honor of Kings just concluded its 16th season of the King Pro League (KPL) Spring 2024 where Wolves became the champion. After a cut-to-throat battle against AG Super Play in the grand final, the champion team emerged as the winner. This event will be a moral boost for Wolves in the upcoming events.

Before the grand finals, 18 teams joined the event for a prize pool of nearly 2M USD. Organized by Tencent Games, Fighting Esports Group, and VSPO, the event started on the 31st of January 2024. The team is comparatively new in the league as Wolves joined the KPL back in September 2021 after acquiring the roster of QGhappy.

Wolves became KPL Spring 2024 champion amidst a mixed performance

Well, the champion team had quite a rough journey throughout the event. Despite not being the hot favorite, the team managed to come out as the champion after delivering a mixed performance. On the other hand, the runner-up, AG Super Play, fought astonishingly well in the event. Hard luck for the team, it couldn’t win.

KPL Spring 2024 champion started its Playoffs stage by facing KuaiShow Gaming in the upper-bracket semifinals. A clean sweep of 4-0 placed the team in the upper bracket final. After losing against the runner-up by a 4-1 scoreline, the team went to fight KuaiShow again in the lower bracket final. A similar scoreline was spotted in the upper-bracket semifinals and both Wolves and AG Super Play faced off in the grand finals.

Pang is the Final MVP of King Pro League (KPL) Spring 2024
Image via KPL 2024

The first four rounds went head-to-head, marking the score at 2-2. Wolves got an upper hand after winning the fifth round but AG Super Play quickly made a comeback and took the final into the seventh and the final round. The Wolves surprised at the final round and took it away, a 4-3 win went to the Wolves’ pocket.

Wolves won a large portion of the amount from the prize pool

The event featured a massive ¥15,000,000 (almost 2.2M USD) as the prize pool. Being the KPL Spring 2024 champion, Wolves pocketed the largest share. Pang from the champion team became the Final MVP of the event. The champion team gathered a total of nearly $707,000 accumulating every reward while the others gained a few thousand bucks as well.

Wolves are showing the might in the KPL even after changing the title of the roster. This is their 10th Honor of Kings title. After Spring 2021, this season witnessed the first Ultimate Battle, making it one of the hardest grand finals so far. However, the showcase of power will continue to happen as KPL Summer 2024 is going to start in the next month.

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