World Cyber Games 2022-23 is returning with new mobile and PC games

World Cyber Games is back

World Cyber Games is making a return in 2022-23 to the world of esports after hosting the last successful edition back in 2020. Korean company Bigpicture Interactive Co. has announced its plans to host the event this year in an offline location. The plan for the upcoming tournament was recently revealed at a live showcase. This edition will feature Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Hearthstone, Clash Royale, and Valorant, with the qualifier events already underway.

World Cyber Games 2022-23 will feature three famous mobile titles

Generally, previously we used to see World Cyber Games featuring famous PC games only. But this edition of the tournament is bringing a lot of changes, including the names of the game in this tournament. Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Hearthstone, Clash Royale, and Valorant will be featured in this year’s WCG.

world cyber games
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This tournament is free for everyone, with no rank restrictions in place for any of the matches. Players can register for the tournaments through the WCG platform or the official website. The tournament platform has already been launched on December 12.

WCG 2022-23 is bringing new features for the creators and the community

The World Cyber Games 2022-23 features a lot of fun stuff for the players, creators, and other players of the community. In WCG Challenge, players can finish several missions and conquests to show off their skills and gameplay. On the other side, WCG LAND allows users to create pixel art and compete for rankings using tickets earned from participating in activities within the tournament.

This year’s World Cyber Games also features a unique event called WCG Rivals, much like Twitch Rivals, where nations, teams, and influencers will go against each other in different games. WCG Rivals will kick off on December 16 with a matchup between Korea and Japan featuring influencers and professional players from both countries.

Where to watch the World Cyber Games 2022-23

All the main events of the WCG 2022-23 will be live-streamed on the official YouTube and Twitch channels of WCG. For more information, visit the official website of the tournament.

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