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Young Kings Global crowned the champions of PUBG Mobile (PMPL) North America Spring 2023

The Panthers finished at the top, but breached a rule in the last game of the tournament!

The latest iteration of the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) organized by Tencent Games to determine the best team in North America, namely the PMPL North America Spring 2023 concluded a few hours ago and presented Young Kings Global as the new champions of the region. Here we will go over the elementary details of the tournament as it happened in its final stage.

PUBG Mobile PMPL NA Spring 2023: Overview

The PMPL NA Spring 2023 concluded in a most dramatic fashion and gave us a five-way battle till the last match to determine who the winning team will be and who will take the title of the champion of the North American region. Tournament favourites N Hyper Esports came into the finals and started playing the way they were expected to, claiming the top position and maintaining it till the last day when they ultimately fell short.

The closely packed leaderboard at the end of the tournament proved just how well-matched the teams were, with the top 5 being separated by just 12 points. But the real heartbreak was the penalty issued to The Panthers. Initially declared the champions, with YKG trailing them, the points gained in their last match were declared null and void for a rule infringement.

Young Kings Global PMPL North America Spring 2023 champions Points Table
Image via PUBG Mobile Esports

The Panthers players turned off their GAC (Game anti-cheat) recording software during the final minutes of the last match, due to which they were penalized. While many stated this as being harsh from the officials, this was fair, given the rules of the tournament. Nevertheless, they had an impressive performance up until then.

Please note that the above points table does not take into account the penalty of The Panthers, after which they were demoted to 5th place and YKG was announced as the new champions of PMPL NA Spring 2023.

Prize pool

The total prize pool of $100,000 was divided among all the teams participating, in the order of their rank at the end of the tournament. Notably, the winners YKG earned $11,000, runners-up N Hyper bagged $9,000, while third-placed Dope took home $7000.


PMPL NA 2023
Image via PUBG Mobile Esports

Although the conclusion of the event was below par for some given the confusion regarding the breach of the regulations by The Panthers, the tournament was overall as exciting as it could get given the tight battle between the top teams for the championship. Also, it should be noted that the top 5 teams will be granted a spot in the Americas Championship where they will compete for an even bigger honor. The 5 teams are Young Kings Global, N Hyper Esports, Dope Esports, The Chosen NA, and The Panthers.

What are your thoughts about Young Kings Global becoming the champions of PMPL North America Spring 2023? Do you think The Panthers deserved the penalty? Let us know in the comments below!

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