Ace Racer: The Complete Car Abilities Guide and Tips

Complete Car Abilities Guide!

Ace Racer is a racing game by NetEase Games. There are many types of cars available from several manufacturers in this game. Apart from that, Ace Racer is quite different from other racing games, where you can play as a team to win the race. While playing this game, there are lots of controls that you need to do when racing such as Nitro, Turbo, Drift, and Special Ultimate. In this case, the most important and unique thing is the special ultimate because each car has a different ultimate. In this guide, we summarize the Car Abilities of Ace Racer.

Introducing the Car Abilities of Ace Racer

There are three abilities that players can use when playing Ace Racer, and each ability has a different function.

1. Nitro

In each car, there is a nitro tank that you can use when the nitro bar is fully charged. When using it your car will experience a very fast boost and accelerate especially in super nitro mode. To activate this nitro, you need to drift until the Bar of the nitro is full.

Ace Racer Car Abilities
Image via NetEase

This nitro is very good to use when on a straight track because you don’t have to do drifts which make the car go slower. In addition, you can also use it when you want to stop drifting, so when you are at a turn and you have passed it and want to stop drifting, you can use nitro. Make sure to check out the Ace Racer cars tier list to find out the best car for you.

2. Turbo

Besides Nitro, there is also a turbo that functions to provide boost and acceleration, but only in the short term. However, the main function of this turbo in our opinion is that it is capable of triggering super nitro when it is purple. To activate the Turbo, the players need to Drift for 1.1 secs in any direction, then let go and immediately drift again but in the opposite direction, so the first time you turn left, then let go of the drift and drift again to the right.

Ace Racer Car Abilities
Image via NetEase

Then the super turbo will activate as well as the super nitro when the nitro bar is full. Maximize this turbo because nitro is very easy to activate compared to nitro. Keep practicing either in the practice room or in custom mode, that way you will easily win the match.

3. Ultimate Ability

Ultimate is a unique ability that each car has and has different functions. The Ultimate is very important when playing this game because it can change the momentum of the match, especially when playing team mode. Here are some ultimate that we think are the best for both team and solo mode.

Ultimate AbilityDetails of the Ability
scrambler ability
When used, it can accelerate and create turbulence against enemy cars that are around your car.
motoracer ability
When used, your car will accelerate very quickly, this is very good when facing a straight track. However, any collision during the ultimate will end immediately.
meteor sprint ability
Meteor Sprint
When you play on a map that has many straight paths such as Su Causeway, Jiangnan, Village, and others. Ultimate is very useful because it is able to accelerate continuously without stopping before you drift or a collision occurs.
slicer ability
This slicer is capable of accelerating on autopilot, so when there is a lot of cornering, you can activate it without losing speed.
phantom flash ability
Phantom Flash
This phantom flash can accelerate and blink forward when a collision occurs. This is especially good when playing on a track that is difficult to deal with like a lot of cornering.

Final Thoughts

Ace Racer is a game that uses the abilities of each car to achieve victory, use these abilities to the maximum and use them at the right time. So remember not to waste these abilities and utilize them carefully.

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