AEW: Rise to the Top Beginners Guide and Tips 

Build the ultimate Wrestling Arena of all Time!

AEW: Rise to the Top is an amazing simulation game where the players get to set up their own wrestling company and then travel across big cities around the globe to make this outstanding business much bigger. Players get to see an adaptation of all the AEW wrestlers with some other name in the game and thus can even wrestle with them easily. Thus, let us now dive into a detailed AEW: Rise to the Top beginners guide and learn about this marvelous game’s basics. 

Gameplay Overview 

AEW: Rise to the Top has quite an easy gameplay mechanics for the players. At first, it seems like players need to focus on the characters, build an outstanding roster for themselves, and fight against other wrestlers to become the best ones. Players also need to manage the entire arena along with the upgradation of all the stages. The most important of all is upgrading and maintaining the stages only.

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By investing Money that players earn in their journey, players can easily upgrade all the stages such as Men’s Arena, Female’s Arena, Ladders and Chairs, Tag Team Match, and many more. The more the players move to different cities, the more arenas will hence unlock. The interesting part is, at the beginning of the journey players get to customize their character and then start a storyline along with the simulation of the arena.

Every chapter of the game takes place in different cities. Players need to complete some of the simulation tasks assigned to them and then players get to go for a match with their character and other wrestlers in their deck. These matches are none other than the storyline matches and thus completing all the storyline matches present in a single chapter will help players to proceed to the next chapter. A new chapter leads to a new city and thus players have to go through the same procedure.

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Another kick in this journey is that when players start to play a new chapter, as the entire chapter is based upon a new city players need to set up the entire arena from scratch. Building the wrestling arena is not a one-time thing, players need to invest, upgrade, and set up the entire arena each time they start a new chapter. Now let us dive into the basics of the game. 

Introducing the Basics of AEW: Rise to the Top 

The Lobby 

The Lobby is the section where the players can check out their entire arena along with all the match stages as well. Players can unlock, upgrade, and maintain all the stages. For maintaining all these things players need to have a sufficient amount of Money.

AEW Rise to the Top
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Players can easily earn money as well by conducting matches over the stages, after the matches are conducted, players can then collect the amount and use them to utilize for the upgradation of the stages. Players can also get access to all the other sections of the game easily. At the top of the game screen, players can see the assigned chapter’s missions and then complete them to proceed further. 


The Backstage is the area where the players can check out all their wrestlers as well. Players get to see other in-game features such as PvP mode and Battle Pass in this section. In the PvP mode, players get to play online matches with other players.

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In this mode, players need to set up the three most powerful wrestlers present on their roster. Thus players need to check out for the level of the wrestlers and the HP to arrange the team. By this, players can easily win online matches and climb up the leaderboards. The Battle Pass of the game serves a great purpose in earning the in-game resources and currencies.

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Players need to play the PvP matches, by winning these matches players will earn Battle Pass tokens and thus this will help the players to level up their Battle Pass and earn amazing rewards at every level they conquer over the Battle Pass. The players can also get to see all the wrestlers in this section. Players can also upgrade their wrestlers by following these easy steps:

  • First, go to the Backstage.
  • Then tap on the Wrestlers option present at the bottom left corner.
  • After this, select the wrestler who has collected all the cards and is eligible to upgrade.
  • Then check for the Chairs players have with them, then tap on the Upgrade button and level up the wrestler. 


Match is the section where the players get to see all the match arena present over the city arenas. Players can easily upgrade all their stages from this section, by upgrading the stages players can increase the audience capacity and thus this will help them to make more money from this method. To upgrade the Stage quality, Players need to have cards of the assigned Crew Member and Protein Bars.


Cards is the section where players can check for all the the Wrestlers and the Crew Members they have unlocked so far during their journey. Players can also upgrade their Crew Members and Wrestlers easily in this section. Players have to follow the same procedure that is mentioned above.

Image via East Side Games Studio

The only difference is that players have to come to the Cards section and then continue the following. So, go through this section and build a powerful team to manage your entire event throughout the journey.

AEW: Rise to the Top: Beginners Tips and Tricks 

1. Keep upgrading your Arena

Upgrading the Arena will help the players to make more money along with completing all the chapter missions. By upgrading the arena, every arena will thus increase the audience capacity, and hence more the audience, the more the money. Also by completing all the chapter missions, players can thus easily collect some Protein bars and use them to level up the assigned Crew over the Arena which will eventually make the Arena leveled up as well. So do keep an eye on your Arenas and build a huge empire.

2. Check for your Roster 

While going for the PvP or the Main Event matches, players need to check out the best wrestlers present in the deck. This will help the players to claim more victories while going through the matches. Besides going for the best Wrestlers, do check that all the opponents have made all the arrangements in setting up their wrestlers. arrange your wrestlers accordingly and thus that will help you to defeat your opponent in just no time. So check for your roster and enjoy the victories over the matches!

3. Don’t forget to add up more Audience 

Players can make more money by upgrading the stages and increasing the audience capacity. Thus increasing the audience will help the players gather more of them and make more money by conducting all the matches over the arenas. 

So focus on all the stages present in the game, upgrade the stages, and increase the capacity. Also, don’t forget the Crew Members, upgrade them as well to level up the Stage quality. Thus invest your money and bring more Audience to make this Wrestling Event the best one over the Globe.

4. Keep an eye over your Wrestlers 

Players must not forget about the wrestlers they have over their backstage. Players need to keep upgrading the Wrestlers present in the roster with the help of Chairs and make them more powerful so that they can utilize those beasts and win more matches. Thus save up more Chairs and upgrade all your best Wrestlers to progress like a real beast.

5. Complete the Chapters ASAP

Chapters have all the storyline missions and thus players need to go through them. This will help the players to progress further into the game and have more fun as well. The storyline mode is quite a fun thing to go through as all the Wrestling Fans will get nostalgic. So do go through the Chapter Missions and collect all the amazing rewards ASAP! 

Final Thoughts

AEW: Rise to the Top is an amazing wrestling simulation game that follows interesting gameplay mechanics. Along with the Storyline simulation where the players need to manage the entire arena gives an amazing gameplay experience. Thus go through all the details mentioned in our AEW: Rise to the Top Beginners Guide to start with the game as a wrestling expert!

That’s all for today’s AEW: Rise to the Top Beginners Guide! Did you find this AEW: Rise to the Top Beginners Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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