AEW: Rise to the Top Guide: Tips to unlock Characters quickly in the game

Unleash the best Wrestlers of All Time!

AEW: Rise to the Top has so many interesting characters in the game. As a wrestling simulation game, characters have so much purpose to serve during the entire journey. These characters are somewhere or the other an indirect adaptation of all the famous AEW wrestlers and thus players find it more interesting to play. Characters play a huge role in the game and every character has certain specifications to fulfill a definite purpose while fighting as well. So let us know the easiest ways to collect all the amazing characters with the help of our AEW: Rise to the Top unlock Characters guide.

How to unlock Characters easily in AEW: Rise to the Top

1. Complete the Chapter Missions 

Players need to go through the chapters’ missions frequently. The chapter missions are always full of easy tasks and thus completing all those tasks will help the players get Cards of the Wrestlers. Thus by going through all the missions and unlocking more and more Cards, players can easily unlock the best set of Wrestler Cards in the game.

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Sometimes, players can also receive character cards from the random matches that go on over the arena while going through the Chapter Missions, thus players can also receive new character cards from there and unlock more of them. 

2. Win more PvP matches 

Winning more PvP matches will lead the players to earn Wrestler Cards in the form of rewards. Players need to properly fix the best Wrestlers from their roster and then start the match. This will help the players to have more chance of winning the online matches and thus winning will lead the players to win new character cards that will eventually unlock characters. For this, players need to maintain more and more consistency over the PvP mode and win more matches to unlock Characters easily in the game. 

3. Finish the Battle Pass as soon as possible

Players can also get Wrestler Cards by leveling up their Battle Pass. Some of the Levels of Battle Passes have Wrestler Cards in the form of rewards and thus players can easily reach that level and get those Wrestler Cards in their hands to unlock more characters.

To level up in the Battle Pass, players need to keep consistency over the PvP mode. As the players win matches in the PvP mode, players receive a Battle Pass token that helps in leveling up the Battle Pass level of the players. Thus by this players can easily unlock more characters and make a powerful roster. 

4. Pay attention to the Main Event matches

Yes, it’s true! The Main Event matches also help the players to get a new character card. By competing against the Main Antagonist Wrestler of that particular Chapter, players can defeat the entire roster of the opponent team, and as a reward, they will surely win the main Bad Guy from the trio.

Image via East Side Games Studio

By this means, players can unlock new characters at the end of every Chapter and create a huge and powerful roster throughout their journey. 

Final Thoughts 

AEW: Rise to the Top has so many amazing characters that the players can’t even count in a sitting. All the characters are so fantastic that for a time being players would love to collect all of them and make a huge collection. Thus to unlock all of them go through our detailed AEW: Rise to the Top unlock character piece and create the most powerful roster of all time.

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