AFK Football: RPG Soccer Games Beginners Guide and Tips

Your ultimate guide to riising up the Global rank in AFK Football!

AFK Football: RPG Soccer Games is a brand new and unique fusion of soccer strategy and RPG. From the house of Wildlife Studios, the game offers fast-paced, emergent football action that will keep your adrenaline pumping. Players must engage in intense competition with players from around the world, master strategic combos, and explore the intriguing backstories of each of our uniquely designed stars. They get to challenge their friends and compete with football managers worldwide in the exciting PvP ladder. In this AFK Football: RPG Soccer Games Beginners guide, we are going to do a walkthrough on the various in-game resources on offer and share some useful tips and tricks for the newbies as they look to set out on this remarkable soccer journey.

Introducing the Game Modes

In AFK Football: RPG Soccer Games players need to assume the role of a Manager and strategize their team’s path to victory across four different modes. Let us first glance through them quickly:

1. AFK Football World Leagues

League matches are un-ranked games where players must field a side of five players, against the AI opponent.

  • There are twenty Leagues available in total with each league spanning across a fixed number of matches.
  • All matches are auto, i.e., players only need to take the strategic calls before the start of each game. The match span is usually a minute or so.
  • Each League Match rewards users with a fixed number of Gold Coins and other level-up items that we will get to in detail, in the next segment.
AFK Football RPG Soccer Games League Matches
Image via Wildlife Studios
  • The AI difficulty level increases with each league or to narrow it down further, after every match in the current league.
  • If you lose or tie in any of the 5V5 League encounters, the match count won’t go up, meaning you have to play one extra game before advancing. Usually in this scenario, you need to make minor adjustments in player alignments, level up your players, and equip items to get back to winning terms.
  • Upon finishing League 20, a fresh adventure will be unlocked for you.

2. Tournament

The Tournament is a special Game mode that unlocks after reaching Level 2 in the League Matches.

  • Just like the League Mode, the Tournament mode comprises 5V5 auto-matches against the AI
  • There would be 3 rounds in each tournament followed by the Quarter Finals, Semis, and Championship game.
AFK Football RPG Soccer Games Tournament
Image via Wildlife Studios
  • Designed in a tournament format, the AI difficulty level rises after each round. You can glance at the OVR of the AI team to see if you can edge past, or else you must make your squad stronger by making changes in your line-up or using level-up and equipment items.
  • Besides the regular in-game currencies and level-up items, the tournament mode additionally earns users a special currency known as Tournament Token that can be utilized to exchange Star Pieces from a dedicated Tournament Store section.

3. Challenges

Just like the other two modes, the Challenge mode would challenge you to field your 5V5 side against the AI.

  • With each challenge that you complete, the AI difficulty level or your opponent team’s OVR will go on to increase in the Challenges that follow.
AFK Football RPG Soccer Games Challenge Mode
Image via Wildlife Studios
  • Clearing each challenge-mode game would earn you Gold Coins, Gems, and the most important Star Pieces that can be used to Summon a star from the game’s Transfer section.
  • Completing one challenge mode game unlocks a new Challenge that piles up right at the top.

4. PVP

  • Unlike the other modes, the PVP is the only ranked mode that allows you to take on against players globally in a 5-a-side contest.
  • The gameplay would be automatic just like the other modes. You just have to cater to the managerial part and ensure that you field a superior side, or else you end up losing.
  • Winning against other online clubs can uplift your PVP Arena rankings and earn you loads of in-game resources on a daily basis.
  • It unlocks after completing Match number 28 of the France League.

Utilizing the in-game Resources

Paving your way through different leagues and climbing up the levels can be a steep task. Fret not, AFK Football: RPG Soccer Games comes with various in-game resources that can potentially make your road easy. From gear enhancers to level-up and transfer items, below is the list of all the available in-game resources in AFK Football and their utility:

In-game ResourcesUtility
Gold CoinsBasic in-game currency that can be utilized to:
1. Level up your Stars
2. Enhance your gear items
Club EXPAs the name suggests, these are just experience points that pile up and increase your Club Level
Star ExperienceA crucial resource that can be utilized in the Star menu for leveling up your Star
Star EssenceAnother level-up item that is required for upgrading your squad members
DiamondsUsed for transferring new Sars in the Game’s Store section

Apart from all of these resources, AFK Football brings you certain consumables and equipment items, including MeteorShirts, Cleats, and Shorts to enhance the performance of your stars in-game. Below are the various types of Consumables that are available to exploit:

Regular Star Card1. This Card can be utilized at the Transfer Office to summon a star.
2. One must possess 10 of these cards to draw 10 stars at one time.
Region Star CardPossessing this item can earn you a second shot at the Tournament after a loss or a draw
Rare Star Piece1. Star pieces can be utilized to summon a Rare Star card to increase your squad’s strength
2. One must acquire 60 Rare Star pieces to summon a Rare Star
Tournament Retry TicketPossessing this item can earn you a second shot at the Tournament after a loss or a draw
Tournament Token A special token that can be utilized to exchange Star Pieces from the Tournament Store section

Leveling up your Stars in AFK Football: RPG Soccer Games

Upgradation of your squad members is an important aspect of any soccer game. The same goes for AFK Football where you need three different level-up items, namely, Gold Coins, Star Experience, and Star Essence. However, the level-up procedure is quite hassle-free in AFK Football. Here’s how you can level up your stars:

  • From the bottom of the game window, navigate to the Stars tab.
  • Up next, all the player cards would show up on your screen. Simply tap on the Star whom you wish to level up.
  • The level-up section constitutes three different sections, Gear, Skills, and Attributes. Under the Gear section, you will come across the Level Up button right at the bottom. Just Smash that and the required resources will immediately get deducted from your tally.
AFK Football RPG Soccer Games Player Level Up
Image via Wildlife Studios

Each time you smash the Level Up button, your player card level increases by 1. Apart from leveling up your Star, you should also look to Equip the best gears that are available at your disposal. Simply tap on the Equip Gear button adjacent to the Level-Up button to automatically add the best possible gears for your player. This would further enhance the stats of your player

  • As your Star goes up the levels, certain additional skills get added. You can view the special skills acquired by your player under the Skills tab of the Level Up menu.
  • Under the Attributes tab, you can see a detailed breakdown of all the Attack, Defense, and Physical attributes and how much each parameter got enhanced, upon leveling up your star.

AFK Football: RPG Soccer Games Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some useful hacks for players to quickly field a team of 5 Epic Stars and rise through the ranks in both the ranked and unranked game modes. What follows next is some additional information about various in-game Sections that are there to explore and some useful managerial strategies along with it, from our experience of playing the game.

1. Do not forget to cash on the Daily Login Rewards

Each day when you log in, certain rewards in the form of Stars, Gold, Consumables, Star Pieces, and various other in-game resources are handed out for free. Make sure that you are en-cashing on these freebies by logging in each day and visiting the Daily Login section first. Even if you forget to visit this section daily, fret not, you can collect the rewards any day and anytime from this section. Just make sure that you are logging in each day.

AFK Football RPG Soccer Games Daily Login Rewards
Image via Wildlife Studios

2. Make sure that you are completing the Daily, Weekly, and, Campaign Quests

Another section that you must mandatorily visit each day is the Quests section. A bunch of challenges are rolled out on a daily and weekly basis. The challenges set under Daily and Weekly Quests include ten simple and easy-to-complete tasks like playing a Campaign match, winning the Tournament, or sometimes just leveling up a player once.

Upon completing each task under these Dailies and Weeklies 10 points are awarded to you. Upon completing the entire set of 10 challenges i.e., accumulating 100 points, you will be rewarded with various in-game resources and consumables that could come in really handy, especially the level-up items and Star Pieces.

AFK Football RPG Soccer Games Quests
Image via Wildlife Studios

As far as the Campaign Quests are concerned, they don’t have a time window by which you must finish them. And unlike the dailies and weeklies, you can redeem the rewards for the individual task itself i.e., you do not have to wait till you complete the entire set to get your hands on the rewards.

3. Once unlocked, look to play the Tournament each day

Even if you don’t have the ideal side to actually win the Championship, start playing the Tournament as soon as it gets unlocked. Mathematically speaking, each game that you play under the Tournament Mode rewards you with a unique in-game currency viz the Tournament Tokens.

There is a dedicated Tournament Store sub-section under the Tournament section where you can utilize these special tokens to get Star Cards that can help you sign decent enough Stars from the Transfer Market. A new Tournament is rolled out daily. So, make sure that you are reaping the fruits from it.

4. Keep a watch on the OVR of your opponent

Whether you are playing against the AI or any online user, the automatic gameplay ensures that the best team wins. So, you must have a higher OVR than your opponent to edge past him. If not, then quickly head to the Star tab to level up the Stars that would go out on the pitch. Even after that if you are facing a defeat, look to adjust the position of your players to ensure that they are being utilized at their maximum potential.

5. Sign Elite Stars from the Transfer Market to strengthen your line-up

The in-game Transfer Market comes with three different signing options as of now. You can either recruit sign a guaranteed Elite Star, a star from a specific region, or recruit 10-100 new stars at a time, for your team.

Star cards earned via login options, quests, tournaments, and leveling up should be utilized as and when they are added to your tally to sign the Big Boys from this section. The players added from the Transfer Market especially the Epic Stars would provide a major boost to your squad.

6. Retire the unwanted stars from the Medical center to ascend your main stars at the Gym

If you toggle to the Club tab, the Medical Center and Gym section is likely to catch your eye. We are clubbing these two as they are related. Under the Medicsl center, you will come across two sub-sections, namely, Reset Stars and Retire Stars. Under Reset Stars, if you choose to reset one of your Stars, he will be demoted to Level 1.

Equipped Gear and all the resources like Gold, Star XP, and Star Essence that it had previously consumed to level up, will be re-added to your tally. If you want to add an Epic/Legendary Star to your squad and you are out of resources to level him up, then only think of selecting a star that you have previously leveled up, for reset.

AFK Football RPG Soccer Games Medical Center
Image via Wildlife Studios

Under Retire Stars, you can choose to retire the Common tier/unwanted stars that add no value to your squad. There is no point in keeping players that do not feature in your top 5. When you retire a star, you are compensated with Gold Coins and other resources.

Now, why should one actually retire a common star? The answer to this lies in the game’s Gym section where you can choose to ascend your higher tier stars by feeding them the Common tier Stars. A very useful feature indeed with double benefits, i.e., resources as compensation along with upgradation of higher tier players.

7. Hit the Training Pitch to exchange the Experience of your Players

The Training Pitch section unlocks only after you reach level 14. However, you can make use of this section to level up your newly signed Epic Stars in no time. To be specific, you can exchange his experience with another star in your team who is already leveled up. This would reset the experience of your former player to level 1 and your new star would get all the boost in stats without even having to spend any in-game currencies. Not a bad option if you run short on resources.

Final Thoughts

Though a pretty decent soccer strategy title, there’s still a lot that the makers of AFK Football: RPG Soccer Games can improve on. Even though you are given the choice to strategize your line-up at the start of play, adding substitutions in the game, at least during half-time could certainly add more intelligence element to the game. You can definitely consider playing the game if you are starting your managerial journey in the world of soccer games.

That’s all for today’s AFK Football: RPG Soccer Games beginners guide. Did you find our AFK Football: RPG Soccer Games beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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