Against War Beginners Guide and Tips

The Battle Calls!

Against War is an outstanding war, strategy, and card-based game that has just come into play for mobile gamers. The game summons up a battle between two kingdoms where players have to use their deck of cards and then take down the walls of the opponent kingdom to claim victory. The game also brings up many valuable features which are pretty easy to access and profitable for the players. Hence, let us dive straight into the Against War beginners guide and help out the amateurs to become a pro easily. 

Gameplay Overview 

Against War is a card-based game where the players need strategies while they go to war against an opponent kingdom. The gameplay mechanics and UI are very simple to handle and thus players can easily go for a quick win in just no time. Players need to identify the best spots for each card and place them accordingly by sliding the card from the deck to that exact location and thus the card will then do the needful. 

Against War Beginners Guide
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Players need to destroy both the left and right walls for their opponent and the main center entry hall as well to claim victory. The concept is more like Clash Royale, a popular game from Supercell that shares a similar set of gameplay experiences. Players also get the best possible rewards after victory and hence it can just help them to progress further into the game easily.

Introducing the basics of Against War

The game comes up with some limited options of interesting features and thus this can keep up the interest throughout the journey of the players. Following are the important features players will witness over the game:


The lobby is the section where players can check out all the important aspects that are present in the game and thus get access to them. Important aspects of the game are stated below:

Against War Beginners Guide
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  • Battle
  • Recruit
  • Workshop
  • Spell Lab 
  • Command 

The Battle option is the place that helps out players to connect with another player and thus start matchmaking. These aspects are also part of the most important features of Against War and thus we will be discussing them in detail further in the piece. 


The command is the section where players can go through all of the cards that they own and thus have the option of creating 5 decks of cards for themselves. Players can have 14 cards in each deck and thus players can also sort, check for the best cards and then create the decks as per their needs so that they get to make the best deck out of what they own. Players can also upgrade the cards in this section by going through these easy steps:

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  • Go to the Command section of Against War and tap on the card that has received the required tokens for upgrading them.
  • Tap on the card and then tap on the “Info” option.
  • On the screen that pops up, tap on the “Level Up” option and use the required amount of silver coins to upgrade the card.

Thus, by following these easy steps players can quickly level up their cards and make the deck stronger. 


Against War Beginners Guide
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Recruit is the section where players can use some of the resources such as Grains, Wood, Crystals, and Silver coins to summon up a card and thus get the best possible card of the game. This will make the deck much stronger and hence players can easily win against their opponents. 


The workshop is the section where players get a lot of options that they can easily upgrade and make their base much stronger. Players can use resources such as Grains, Crystals, and Silver Coins to level up the aspects such as:

Against War Beginners Guide
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  • Guild 
  • Spell Lab
  • Recruiting
  • Command
  • Castle
  • Commander
  • Deck
  • Castle Wall
  • Castle Guards 

Upgrading them will help out players to become much stronger and build a strong base that cannot be easily destroyed by other players. 

Spell Lab

Spell Lab is the section in which when upgraded, players can upload several new Spell Cards that they can use during their battle. Players can thus check on those spells and add them to their deck of cards. By following a few easy steps players can easily craft their spell cards:

sprll lab
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  • Go to the Spell Lab and tap on the spell card you want to upgrade. 
  • After this, check for the required amount of Grains, if it is fulfilled then tap on the “Craft” option to use the desired amount of Gold and craft the spell. 

Thus by following these easy steps players can easily craft a Spell for their deck. 


Guild is the clan system for the game which is yet to be released, thus when it releases, we will surely update you through the piece. 

Against Pass 

Against Pass is the game pass that helps out players to receive great rewards and resources by leveling up after they complete Pass Quests. The game offers two passes to the players:

  • Free Pass
  • Premium Pass 

Just like other games, the Premium Pass comes with great advantages such as better chests, more rewards, and few rare cards as well compared to the Free Pass. The Premium Pass costs a certain amount of Gold bars and thus players must have them to get a Premium Pass for their account. 

Against War Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After going up so much depth into the game, here are the best tips for beginners that they must keep up in my mind while they start off their journey:

1. Summon more Cards 

 Players must collect some of the great resources and thus they should recruit more cards. This will thus make a great deck of cards that can be easily used by the players and thus this will help them to win over the battlefield. 

2. Upgrading the Workshop

The Workshop has so many entities that are important to upgrade so that the players make great and strong walls, and castles and have one of the finest spells with them. Thus, upgrading the elements of the workshop will help the players to expand themselves and become much stronger than before. 

3. Build the best possible Deck of cards 

Recruit cards and make the best deck of cards by going through all the details of the cards you own. Make a proper deck by studying the classes of the cards so that you get to have all of the classes in your deck and help yourself out with a balanced and powerful deck of yours. 

4. Plan your strategies well

Strategize your moves by studying the moves of your opponents. This will help you to know the plans of your opponents, counter them and easily defeat them with your armies and troops. 

5. Go for the Quest Missions 

Complete the quest mission to gain great resources and in-game currencies from the Against Pass and thus players can utilize them for their improvement and upgradation of the required elements. 

Final Thoughts

Against War is a great war-based game that utilizes the elements of cards that are thus used by the players to win over the battlefield. Follow up the beginners guide and the tips as well so that they can flourish well in the ground and progress further with the best possible strategies. 

That’s all from us for Against War Beginners Guide! Did you find our Against War beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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