Age of Empires Mobile Guide: Top 3 Hero Lineups for Beginners

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Embarking on your journey in the thrilling strategy game, Age of Empires: Mobile, provided by Level Infinite, can be both exciting and overwhelming, especially when it comes to choosing the right heroes for your team. To help you kick-start your conquests, we’ve compiled a list of the Age of Empires Mobile Top 3 Hero Lineups for Beginners.

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How to set the Best Team Composition in Age of Empires Mobile

1. Understanding the Role

In Age of Empires Mobile, a team usually consists of three heroes: a Commander, a Damage Boost Deputy, and an Endurance Deputy. In my experience, the Commander takes charge of leading the troop and usually comes equipped with potent offensive or defensive abilities.

Meanwhile, the Damage Boost Deputy focuses on enhancing the team’s offensive power. While the Endurance Deputy offers vital support and resilience to ensure the team can endure extended battles. Each hero plays a vital role in achieving victory on the battlefield.

2. Consider the Military Specialty

In Age of Empires Mobile, heroes come in three types: Warrior, Marshal, and Tactician. The Strength in Numbers talent triggers the Military Specialty. When you have two heroes with the same specialty in your troop, they get a big 20% bonus across all attributes. With three such heroes, the bonus jumps to an impressive 30%. This bonus can tip battles in your favor.

Age of Empires Mobile Military Specialty
Image via Level Infinite

To use this well, pick heroes with matching specialties and aim for multiple heroes of the same type in your team. This way, you’ll max out the bonuses from the Military Specialty, making your troops strong enough to handle any challenges.

3. Examine the Unit Specialty

In Age of Empires Mobile, there are four types of units: swordsmen, pikemen, cavalry, and archers. Each type has its strengths and weaknesses, with swordsmen countering pikemen, pikemen countering cavalry, cavalry countering archers, and archers countering swordsmen.

Age of Empires Mobile Units
Image via Level Infinite

When heroes lead units of the same type, they receive bonuses. Having one hero of the same type gives a 5% bonus, while two heroes provide a 10% boost, and three heroes grant a significant 15% bonus. This encourages strategic team-building and enhances your chances of winning battles. Moreover, some heroes possess dual unit types, which makes building a balanced team easier.

Top 3 Hero Lineups for Beginners in Age of Empires Mobile

Here are three recommended hero lineups for beginners, with additional insights based on personal experience:

1. Leonidas and Pikemen lineup

Based on my experiences, I highly recommend the Leonidas and Pikemen lineup for those who thrive in the heat of combat, displaying exceptional endurance and counterattack prowess.

Age of Empires Mobile Top 3 Hero Lineup for Beginners
Image via Level Infinite

Commander: Leonidas I

Leonidas is a solid frontline commander who automatically counterattacks when attacked. His damage output increases with the number of enemies targeting him, making him ideal for group battles. Additionally, he receives a bonus damage boost when his health is at half, solidifying his role as a leader in the thick of combat.

Damage Boost Deputy: Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc complements Leonidas well as a damage boost deputy. Additionally, with her focus on counterattacks, she synergizes effectively with Leonidas to significantly damage enemies. Together, they form a potent duo capable of turning the tide of battle with their powerful strikes.

Endurance Deputy: Frederick Barbarossa

Frederick Barbarossa brings essential survival skills to the team. As the battle rages on and his health dwindles, his endurance grows stronger, enabling him to withstand enemy attacks. Additionally, he serves as a valuable source of recovery, ensuring the team’s longevity on the battlefield.

For alternative options, Joan of Arc can step up as the commander if needed, while Darius the Great can fill in as the main deputy commander for strategic support. If you prefer a more solo-oriented approach focused on high burst damage and seizing opportunities on the flanks, consider exploring different hero combinations.

2. Mulan and Archers lineup

If you’re inclined towards agility and precision in combat, I’ve found that the Mulan and Archers lineup is an excellent choice.

Age of Empires Mobile Top 3 Hero Lineup for Beginners
Image via Level Infinite

Commander: Hua Mulan

As the commander, Hua Mulan brings high secondary strike skill damage to the forefront, complemented by a double attack effect that maximizes damage output. Her commander skill focuses on single targets, delivering strong burst damage to enemy units with precision.

Damage Boost Deputy: Rani Durgavati

Rani Durgavati serves as an excellent damage boost deputy, providing double attack effect support to Hua Mulan. Together, they form a synergistic partnership that significantly enhances Mulan’s damage output, ensuring devastating strikes against adversaries.

Endurance Deputy: Josephine

Josephine offers a balanced blend of damage and endurance, making her an ideal choice as the endurance deputy. With her easy acquisition and versatile skill set, she contributes to the team’s overall resilience and sustainability on the battlefield.

In situations requiring adaptation, Josephine can step up to assume the role of commander, leading the lineup with her balanced attributes. Alternatively, King David can replace Rani Durgavati as the damage boost deputy, offering strategic versatility and enhancing the lineup’s effectiveness in combat scenarios.

3. Guan Yu and Cavalry lineup

If you’re looking for a potent and adaptable combat approach based on my experiences, I highly recommend the Guan Yu and Cavalry lineup.

Commander: Guan Yu

With Guan Yu leading the charge, his ability to reduce enemy heroes’ armor and increase his own might after launching normal attacks sets the stage for devastating assaults. His enhanced critical strike rate further amplifies the team’s damage potential, making him an excellent choice for leading the frontline.

Damage Boost Deputy: Harald III

Harald III‘s role as the damage boost deputy complements Guan Yu’s offensive prowess. His skill that reduces enemy heroes’ armor after normal attacks weakens enemy defenses, allowing Guan Yu’s strikes to inflict even greater damage. Together, they form a formidable duo capable of overwhelming adversaries with powerful assaults.

Endurance Deputy: Queen of Sheba

Queen of Sheba is pivotal in bolstering the lineup’s survivability by increasing all heroes’ armor for a duration. Her ability to recover units and mitigate damage taken by troops further fortifies the lineup’s endurance, enabling them to withstand enemy assaults with resilience and tenacity.

Final Thoughts

In the end, whether you lean towards the defensive stance of Leonidas and Pikemen, the agile precision of Mulan and Archers, or the versatile strength of Guan Yu and Cavalry, each lineup brings its unique strengths. Remember, what works best for you might differ from others, so feel free to try out different lineups and discover your favorite. With these top three lineups for beginners, you’ll be ready to dive into battle and lead your troops to victory in Age of Empires Mobile.

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