Age of Frostfall free codes and how to redeem them (July 2023)

Collect your free rewards in no time!

Age of Frostfall is a mobile strategy game based in a frozen world where you have to fight off Unmelted monsters which are hellbent on exterminating all of humanity. In this gaming journey, you will have to build up your city, train a battle-hardened army, recruit legendary heroes, and ultimately destroy the Unmelted boss by raising the dragon from the dragon egg given by Orlando. Now, all these require a lot of resources like weapons, armor, and heroes. And all these can be done by redeeming codes. This article will list down all available Age of Frostfall free redeem codes and the process to redeem them.

How to get free codes for Age of Frostfall

Age of Frostfall’s official team is very much active on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. Players must keep an eye on these pages as the officials will continue to post the redeem codes on their social media platforms. On the game’s official website, players can follow updates for new benefits. Players may also get specific redeem codes from that location, which they can use to open rewards.

Age of Frostfall free redeem codes and rewards

The good news is that the administrators have made some redemption codes for the participants, which they can easily check out and apply to acquire wonderful advantages. The following is a list of all the redeem codes and their rewards.

Age of Frostfall overview 2
Free CodesRewards You Can Redeem
ILOVEUKOA202310 Gold x50, 5K Food x1000, 60min Speedup x50,
5min Research Speedup x100,
60min Research Speedup x50, 60min Training Speedup x50, and 5K Wood x1000
AOF88810 Large Hero XP, 10 Silver Summoning XP,
10 Gold Summoning Horn EXP, and 1 Super Hero Skill Scroll.
vip20231 Day VIP, 1 10-Minute Speedup, 60x 10 VIP Points,
10x Silver Summoning Horn, and
10x 100-Minute Speedup
SUMMER202310 Gold x50, 5K Food x250, 20 Great Hero EXP x20,
5-Minute Research Boost x100,
5K Food x250, and 200x Silver Summoning Horn

Don’t forget to apply them quickly into your account before they expire. We will also update the table from time to time and remove the old codes and replace them with the newly released codes.

How to redeem free codes in Age of Frostfall

Follow the given steps to complete this procedure:

  • Tap the Profile icon on the top left side of your device.
  • View your profile character and tap on the Gift Code button.
  • Enter the Age of Frostfall redeem codes provided in the text area and tap on Redeem Code
  • Receive your gifts directly from your in-game email.
Age of Frostfall redeem codes

In conclusion, redeem codes are a great way to get free items in Age of Frostfall. They can be used to acquire powerful weapons, armor, heroes, and resources that will help you level up faster and progress through the game more easily. They can also be used to get unique items that will help you stand out from other players.

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