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Atelier Online Character Tier List July 2021

Choose only from the best characters!

Atelier Online: Alchemist of Bressisle is a mobile RPG launched for both Android and iOS devices on Global by Koei Tecmo. This game also follows the world of the Atelier series, from the Alchemists and their quicks to various mythical monsters. The fully-voiced cast along with characters from previous Atelier games makes this game all the more enjoyable. With the game recently launched we bring you a Character Tier List for July 2021 to make it easier for you to select the best units from Atelier Online.

Atelier Online Character Tier List for July 2021

The following Atelier Online character tier list is based on the author’s personal preference and experience with the game and can vary with others depending on their playing styles.

Tier / WeaponsMaceStaffBowSword and Spear
S (Overpowered)Totori, Marie, Rorona
A (Strong)BergamotMarjoram, Ryza, Anise HyssopCatnip Tandrion
B (Decent)SorelAngelica, VarerianCresson
Atelier Online Character Tier List for July 2021

Note: The Protagonist (both male and female) and fall in the B(decent) Tier have specialization in both sets of weapons, according to our experience.

All the characters were ranked on their overall stats and viability in various modes of gameplay. Some characters may be required for specific stage clears, even when they are lower ranked. For some stages, a specific unit may be needed for maximum efficiency. A thing to note is that this tier list should only be taken as a reference, to build the characters. Each and every unit is viable to clear most of the content game throws at you. Play whichever unit suits your playstyle and above all have fun.

Atelier Online Tier List: Best Characters ranked

S Tier (Overpowered)

Units Belonging to this tier are the strongest in the game, they will have unique abilities that will make their kit extremely strong. It is recommended to get them and invest in them as much as possible to make the in-game content easy to play. Totori is a very strong combat assistance unit that can make any battle much easier.

A Tier (Strong)

Atelier Online Tier List

These characters are only second to those in tier S, so the investment is a no-brainer. They may not be as good as S tier ones, however, characters in this tier might fulfill some roles that they are very good in. Angelica is such an example, tier wise she may not be the best but in story stages, she is a very strong helper even above the A-tier ones.

B Tier (Decent)

Atelier Online Tier List

They are helpful at the very start of the game, and most of the characters belonging to this tier are given for free from various stages rewards. However, it is better to get units in A or S Tier for easier gameplay.

Did you find our Atelier Online Character Tier List helpful? Which character position do you disagree with from the list? Let us know in the comment section below!

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My lvl 69 Angelica hitting lvl 70s for 26.5k disagrees with her ranking. But I dont have Catnip either.

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