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Aura Kingdom 2: Evolution Beginners Guide and Tips

Start with good game knowledge!

Aura Kingdom 2: Evolution is a captivating 3D MMORPG where you shape your character, boost its power, and excel in both PvE and PvP. Dive into a massive anime fantasy world and customize your hero. The game has been announced to be operated by X Legend Entertainment on February 2023. It has also been available for pre-registration on August 2023 and is also available for open beta. In this Aura Kingdom 2: Evolution Beginners Guide we will discuss several tips and tricks for this game.

Explore diverse landscapes, tackle challenging quests, and uncover a rich storyline in PvE. Engage in intense PvP battles to test your skills against other players. The game also features the inclusion of powerful Eidolons that not only assist in battles but also contribute to the unfolding narrative.

Aura Kingdom 2: Evolution Gameplay Basics

Welcome to Aura Kingdom 2, where you get to choose how your journey unfolds. Pick your class, skills, and abilities to make the game uniquely yours. Join in exciting quests, face off in battles, and become a hero in this cool anime world. Whether you like exploring, fighting other players, or making friends, Aura Kingdom 2 is all about having a great time. So, get ready, start your adventure, and become a legend in the amazing world of Aura Kingdom 2.

Aura Kingdom 2: Evolution Character Customization

When you start playing Aura Kingdom 2: Evolution, you can create your character just the way you want. You get to choose everything – how they look, from their face and hair to their eye color and head size. There are lots of options, including accessories and cosmetics, so you can make a one-of-a-kind character.

Aura Kingdom 2 Evolution character customization
Image via X Legend Entertainment

This feature lets you make characters just how you want them. You can make detailed adjustments to create a unique look that matches your vision and style. Choose things like skin color and eyes, and some outfits give that classic RPG style.

Movement and Controls in Aura Kingdom 2: Evolution

In Aura Kingdom 2: Evolution, shape your adventure effortlessly by tapping on icons to execute distinct actions and controls. Guide your character’s movements with the joystick.

Aura Kingdom 2 Evolution
Image via X-Legend Entertainment
  • Joystick: Effortlessly direct your character’s movement.
  • Skill Icon: Ultimate: Unleash a powerful ultimate ability.
  • Skill Icon: Run: Activate swift movement to navigate the game world.
  • Skill Icon: Auto Attack: Engage in automatic attacks for seamless combat.

Now, with these intuitive controls, dive into the world of Aura Kingdom 2: Evolution and command your character with precision and ease.

Aura Kingdom 2: Evolution Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Finish off the Story Chapters

Completing story chapters in Aura Kingdom 2: Evolution is not just about progressing through the narrative as it’s also a key source of experience points, gear, and other valuable rewards. Each chapter unfolds new aspects of the game’s lore while also providing essential resources to strengthen your character.

Aura Kingdom 2 evolution story chapter
Image via X Legend Entertainment

Prioritize finishing story chapters to unlock new features, regions, and challenges, ensuring a well-rounded and rewarding gaming experience.

2. Utilise Your Mount

Mounts are not just for show as they significantly enhance your gameplay. Utilize mounts for faster traversal across the expansive game world. Keep in mind the limit of 20 mounts at a time, and if you need to make room for a new one, salvage an existing mount.

Aura Kingdom 2 Evolution Mount
Image via X Legend Entertainment

Unique mounts from the gacha feature can revert to their unwakened state, but don’t worry as you can always tweak their properties by inheriting traits from other mounts. Efficient use of mounts not only boosts your speed but also adds a dynamic element to your adventures.

3. Joining a Guild

In Aura Kingdom 2: Evolution, joining a guild opens the door to a myriad of benefits. While membership may require 10,000 gold, the perks are well worth the investment. Once you’re part of a guild, you gain access to various modes, including territory war, quests, and guild war.

Aura Kingdom 2 Evolution Guild
Image via X Legend Entertainment

These activities not only foster camaraderie among guild members but also offer substantial rewards and unique challenges.

4. Participate in Events

Stay tuned to in-game events as they offer unique opportunities for substantial rewards. As you progress through the game, additional modes such as arena, bounty, and more become available. Unlocking these modes is tied to your overall game progress.

Aura Kingdom 2 Evolution event
Image via X Legend Entertainment

To access them, focus on completing main quests, thereby avoiding potential confusion with various quests displayed on the sidebar. These additional game modes not only bring fresh challenges but also provide diverse avenues for earning valuable rewards.

5. Engage in Professions

Diversify your activities in Aura Kingdom 2 by delving into professions like fishing, cooking, and mining. These activities not only provide additional resources but also offer unique rewards and benefits. Fishing can yield valuable items, cooking allows you to create consumables, and mining contributes to crafting materials.

Aura Kingdom 2 Evolution fishing
Image via X Legend Entertainment

Exploring these professions adds depth to your gaming experience and ensures you have a well-rounded set of skills to thrive in the diverse world of Aura Kingdom 2: Evolution.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, Aura Kingdom 2: Evolution is a fun and varied game with lots to explore. Customize your character, join a guild, and complete story chapters for new regions and rewards. Keep an eye on events and unlock additional modes by progressing through main quests. Whether you’re riding mounts or trying out professions, there’s always something to do. Aura Kingdom 2: Evolution offers a mix of challenges and camaraderie in its exciting world.

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