Auto Chess MOBA: The Complete Objectives Guide and Tips

Know all about the Objectives in Auto Chess MOBA!

Auto Chess MOBA, is a new MOBA game available as early access. The game is based on the game titled Auto Chess from Dragon Nest Games. However, unlike Auto Chess, Auto Chess MOBA aims to rival mobile MOBA powerhouses like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and League of Legends Wild Rift. In this article, we will dive deep into the Objectives of Auto Chess MOBA. Also how to effectively play with it to give your team the best chance at victory.

Introducing the Objectives in Auto Chess MOBA

To win in any game ever the players will need to finish or satisfy certain objectives. Many different objectives per game range from killing every enemy, to even destroying a certain structure. For Auto Chess MOBA, like most other MOBA Games, the objective is very simple. Destroy the enemy base structure before they destroy your team’s base structure.

Although easy as it might seem fulfilling this primary objective is comprised of many different sub-quests to increase the player’s chance of destroying the enemy bases. Although these are the ‘objectives’ of the game, it is to be kept in mind that these objectives do not guarantee a win upon completion. Except for the destroying of the enemy base part as many have come back from losing all objectives after the winning team got careless.


The towers are friendly structures located in every lane and each of the player’s bases. These structures are placed to protect the players and especially the final objective of the player’s base. The destruction of turrets must be sequential for every lane. To destroy the second turret, the player must first destroy the outer turret protecting it. To destroy the enemy base the players must at least destroy a whole lane of towers for it to be vulnerable.

auto Chess MOBA Objectives
Image via Dragon Nest

This is probably the second most important objective of the game just next to destroying the base. Many players have a playstyle of only pushing towers even though they are constantly dying, they win games with scores like 2 kills and 18 deaths. Although, that playstyle is not recommended for obvious reasons this just goes to show how important it is to prioritize destroying towers.


One of Autochess MOBA’s unique aspects that distinguishes it from the majority of other mobile MOBA games is the presence of beacons. The beacons are essentially altars that are placed on each side of the map and are active for a predetermined period before the creeps ever spawn. For capturing a beacon, each member of your team will receive 100 gold, and you will gain a view of the area around the beacon’s location.

auto Chess MOBA Objectives
Image via Dragon Nest

Although arguably not as important as pushing turrets, beacons are still very important to capture as not only it gives the team a gold boost, but it also gives vision for the safe lane. Securing vision for the safe lane will get the carry safe and not get ganked for them to snowball against the enemy hard and it would be easier for the team to win the game.

Archaic Overlord in Auto Chess MOBA

The Archaic Overlord is also considered the counterpart to the Roshan that is present in the DOTA series and the Baron Nashor for the League of Legends Game. One of the other sub-objectives in Autochess Moba is to kill the Archaic Overlord because doing so offers the killing team a significant advantage. It is a late-game objective in which many team fight occurs just to secure.

Archaic Overlord
Image via Dragon Nest

Winning the Archaic Overlord fight is usually the winning condition of many games as it is the time when you can win a clash against the enemy team and gain a buff for your team at the same time. Knowing when to start taking it and when to just let the enemy start and ambush them may dictate who wins or who loses a game in a very close battle.


Finally, the base is the most important structure present. The ultimate and most significant goal in the majority of other MOBAs available today except Pokemon unite, is to destroy the opposing team’s base. The team will lose when the huge structure at the base is destroyed.

auto Chess MOBA Objectives
Image via Dragon Nest

Although simple might it seems the players would need to gear up with items bought by gold to defeat the enemy team that is guarding the base. The objectives above will help greatly in fulfilling this main objective.

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