Auto Defense Beginners Guide and Tips

Protect your castle, build powerful synergies, unlock, merge, and upgrade your turrets.

Auto Defense is a real-time strategy game developed and published by Gameloft Company. It is available for players to download from both Android and iOS. In this real-time strategy game, players have to defend the castle from alien invasion by using the different types of turrets. If players want to understand the basic mechanics of the game, follow this Auto Defense beginners guide for some basic tips and tricks

Auto Defense Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Understanding the synergy system

There are different types of turrets in this game with different attributes and can synergize with other turrets to provide additional stats.

  • Presto– Increases bullet speed of synergised turrets by 20%
  • Poison– Increases poison damage by 30% for 2.5 seconds
  • Rapid-Fire– Increases attack rate by 30 %
  • Freeze– Slows enemy by 46% for 2 seconds
  • Long Range– Increases attack range by 30%
  • Blast– Causes additional damage by 70% with AOE of 4.2m
  • Electricity– Lightning damage is increased by 20% and can strike up to 5 nearby enemies.
  • Pickpocket– Increases drop of coins by 50%
  • Burn– Reduces attack by 40% and causes extra 20% damage for 4seconds
  • High damage– attack damage is increased by 30%
  • Multishot– Launches 2 attacks simultaneously

2. Collecting resources in Auto Defense

Players need resources like cards, gems, bolts Players can click the battle tab to explore these options which provide rewards.

Auto defense beginners guide
Collecting resources
  • Daily rewards: Collect the daily rewards for additional items like chest, gems and in-game currency bolts.
  • Daily tasks: Completing daily tasks provides additional gems and players can reset the timer by watching ads (can be used a certain number of times in a day).
  • Achievements: Keep a track of tasks needed to be completed for unlocking achievement bonuses. Completing achievements can provide additional resources.
  • Premium Wheel: Players can watch ads to spin the premium wheel once in 24hrs.
  • Participate in events: Multiple events provide additional resources based on points collected in the challenges. Players can play each type of event challenges 2-3 times in a row. Watching ads will provide additional chances to play the challenges. 
  • Duo matches: Players can unlock friendship chests by playing duo matches. Players need to collect 40 points for each friendship chest. Players get 5 tickets in a row.
Auto Defense collecting resource

3. Upgrading your Turret from time to time

Players need cards and bolts to upgrade the turrets. In Auto Defence, players need to collect cards by opening chests. Inside the battle page, click the topmost section which will open the season bonus section. The players can get chests, gems, or bolts based on the progression of the game.

Auto Defense game-play
Auto Defense game-play

Players can check the shop for the free chest which can be unlocked by watching ads. Bolts need to be used wisely and players can prioritize upgrading certain turrets strategically. 

Best Turrets in Auto Defense

1. Venom Cannon

Venom Cannon is the most versatile turret in Auto Defence and here’s why:

Auto Defense begiinners guide
Venom Canon


  • It has Poison Ability: This attack turret causes poison damage to enemies for six seconds.
  • AoE: It has an Area of Effect attack damage. Any Enemies that touch the Poison Circle will receive Poison Damage over Time. Also, the Poison Circle lasts around 2s. It can kill mobs easily because of its Large AoE Circle and that’s why it is one of the best turret in the game. It can kill mobs and bosses easily.


  • The only weakness of this turret is Poison Resistance (world 5 & above).

Note: The best synergy to use with venom canon is range. This indirectly increases the duration of enemy mobs under the poison effect.

Additionally, there are alternatives for the Venom Cannon.

2. Toxic Gun

Toxic Gun is an Alternative turret for Venom Cannon with similar capabilities. The difference between Toxic Gun & Venom Cannon is AoE Ability that is, it can hit one enemy at a time. Thus, this turret is not ideal against mob enemies but, very effective against bosses.

Use other Turret’s Synergy to improve Toxic Gun. List of synergy abilities that compliments Toxic Gun.

  • Multi-Shot
  • Rapid Fire
  • Range
  • Bullet Speed
  • High Damage

Multi-Shot Synergy

Multi-Shot synergy will help Toxic Gun hit multiple enemies at the same time. Since Toxic Gun can target one enemy at a time, having a multi-shot synergy is a great strategy to handle mob enemies.

Dealing with Mobs

If Toxic Gun plus Multishot isn’t enough, players can use additional turrets like Blast or Electric Type to deal with enemy mobs. The blast-type turrets also deal AOE damage which is needed to handle mobs and blast synergy causes 70% additional damage. The placement of turrets can be changed in real-time for different types of enemies.

Rapid Fire Synergy

Rapid-fire increases the attack rate. So, if players have used Multi-Shot with their Toxic Gun, adding rapid-fire will make the Toxic Gun Performs like Venom Cannon, except for Poison Circle AOE.

Long Range Synergy

Long Range increases the Toxic Gun’s Range which is very helpful if the world doesn’t have a good turret placement option. However, some chapters do have good turret placement options, therefore plan ahead if players really need long-range synergy. 

Note: Players can remove turrets by dragging them to the bottom of the screen if better turrets are available.

Bullet Speed Synergy

Bullet Speed acts like Rapid Fire. However, Bullet Speed Turrets are rare, so it becomes difficult to improve their star ranking.

High Damage Synergy

High Damage will increase the damage output of the synergized Target, which works especially well with Toxic guns.

Pickpocket Synergy

It doesn’t make the target turret more powerful but, players will get extra money if the target turret kills an enemy. It is perfect for Toxic Gun or Poison Cannon. Those turrets have a higher chance of last hitting mob enemies and bosses. Players will get extra money per enemy killed.

Auto Defence is a fun and fast-paced strategy game in which players have to protect their castle, build powerful synergies, unlock, merge, and upgrade the turrets by defending the territory against alien enemies using the best tactics. Mix and merge Turrets to form powerful synergies in the heat of battle to unleash destructive attacks against mobs of enemies. Go ahead and give it a try and if you are finding trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back to this Auto Defense beginners guide and tips.

That’s all for today’s Auto Defense Tycoon beginners guide. Did you find our Auto Defense beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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Toxic Gun also synergizes well with Blast, as the blast also applies poison to anybody hit.

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