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Awaken Chaos Era Guide: How to earn and use Exp Jelly

Learn how to utilise your exp jelly effectively!

Exp Jelly is one of the most important things that players can get in Awaken: Chaos Era. This green cube is an essential item, in order to level up main heroes or foodies, so that hero stats will maximize in no time. A huge amount of Exp Jelly will be needed for leveling up heroes to a higher level. Sometimes, players are confused with their Exp Jelly management, whether they have to spend their exp jelly or reserve it.

Awaken Chaos Era Guide: How to earn Exp Jelly

1. Farm Exp Jelly through adventure mode

Awaken Chaos Era Exp Jelly
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One of the best ways to gain Exp Jelly is through adventure mode, as this mode is the main source of Exp Jelly. Since there are 8 adventure stages with three different difficulties, you have a chance to farm exp jelly as much as you can especially in normal mode because, in hard and mythic adventure mode, you have to start spending it so your hero can reach its maximum potential by the end of the adventure.

2. Gain Exp Jelly by finishing quests

Another way to gain exp jelly is by finishing the quests provided in the game. There are 3 kinds of quests, which are daily quest, weekly quest, and achievement. Daily quests are those quests that reset on a daily basis and can be completed infinitely every day. They are a good source of rewards. The quests are easy to complete and can be done in under a span of 10 minutes.

Awaken Chaos Era Exp Jelly
Image via Century Games

While Weekly quests are quests that will reset at the end of the week, the quests are quite hard to finish and it will take more time for you to finish them. Lastly, achievements are the compilation of quests that you have done and the game will reward you with a huge amount of items, including exp jelly. The achievements are over 500 and can be completed progressively as you progress throughout the game in your journey

3. Gain Exp Jelly through redemption code

Redemption codes are amazing to promote your game and give players an incentive to download and install for free rewards. Additionally, they help new players a lot as they are scarce on resources.

Awaken Chaos Era redemption codes
Image via Century Games

Awaken: Chaos Era currently has 9 active redemption codes which players can use to get extra resources like Advanced Summoning Crystals, Jelly, Meal Coupons, and Free Elite Heroes. Players can visit our guide here to further know the processes on how to redeem Awaken Chaos Era codes. You can activate some of the codes right at the beginning of the game while some of them obligate you to increase your account level first.

Awaken Chaos Era Guide: Best ways to use Exp Jelly

Exp jelly can be used in order to maximize your hero level. In order to achieve this, it is recommended to use your exp jelly in order to level up your fodder heroes into 4 stars. Fodder heroes are hero material that you will use to upgrade your main hero. By maximizing your fodder heroes, your main hero will level up in no time.

You can also use your exp jelly to level up your foody into 5 stars. Foody is the material light hero from Holy Light Empire in Awaken: Chaos Era. Foody can be obtained by purchasing him from the Shop with gold or diamonds, participating in events, receiving it as a reward for completing Void Tower floors, obtaining Foody from the weekly Guild Chest, and completing Foody’s progress missions. Foody consumes 50% less XP to level up. It’s recommended to use Foody to promote 5-star heroes to 6-star. This will save your XP Jelly significantly in the long run.

Final thoughts

Adventure mode will be your treasure in order to gain exp jelly. Especially if you have an exp jelly boost. You can use your exp jelly boost in hard and mythic difficulty as you will farm a huge amount of exp jelly. It is not recommended for you to use your boost only in mythic adventure mode as it will slow your progress. Finally, leveling up you’re foody will provide significant benefits in order to upgrade your main hero until it reaches its maximum level.

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