Battle Run: Multiplayer Racing Beginners Guide and Tips

Ready, set, RUN! Welcome to Battle Run!

Battle Run: Multiplayer Racing, developed and produced by Game Hive Corporations, offers gamers an immersive and interactive experience filled with fun and adventure. The game is a Mario-inspired action-packed racing game. Racing however as a title barely does justice to the game genre because while racing through the track there are traps, bombs, and deadly enemy powerups which you have to look out for. All in all the game promises a lot of fun and one can easily lose many hours in the game. The game requires practice but this Battle Run: Multiplayer Racing Beginners Guide is here to help you out

Gameplay Overview

The game as mentioned earlier offers Mario-like gameplay, there are two power-up options available on the screen. First is the character-specific powerup and the other one is the in-game randomly generated powerups which you collect via special mystery items spread all across the map.

The game offers matchups between four players at a time, where you can also add your friends to your friend list and play with them. The game is all about timing because there are many gaps and holes along with speed tracks which can slow or fasten up your character’s speed.

Introducing the in-game Characters

Battle Run: Multiplayer Racing offers a variety of characters available for selection. Each character has different statistics. Till now there are eleven characters, however, with each new update Game Hive Corporations has promised to update the roster with new playable characters.

Battle Run Multiplayer Runner Guide,Battle Run Multiplayer Runner
Image via Game Hive Corporation

There are two categories of characters available now, SR and UR. SR runners are the epic runners which have single power-ups and while being good are less strong than UR runners who are the legendary characters. The difference between SR and UR lies in statistics, with UR runners having better pace and acceleration than SR runners.

Utilizing and Mastering your Pets

Battle Run: Multiplayer Racing allows you to have up to 1 pet at a time which can assist you in your quest to win the race. Each pet brings something different to your arsenal, they offer you different types of perks. Following is the list and perks offered by different types of pets:

  • Munch: Star eater, when equipped will suck on all the stars around the character. Stars are useful for boosting power-ups.
  • Hermes: Booster, Hermes helps you to speed up while you are on slow pads and also helps to generate stars while you are on the slow pad.
Battle Run Multiplayer Runner Guide,Battle Run Multiplayer Runner
Image via Game Hive Corporation
  • Mushy: Jump-pad, Mushy allows your character to get a third jump boost, which can help you get some serious air-time.
  • Shirudo: Protector, Shirudo helps to protect your character from the harmful powerups of other players.

Battle Run: Multiplayer Racing Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

This Battle Run: Multiplayer Racing Beginners Guide aims to give its readers an insight into how to play the game and how not to. After investing multiple hours of gameplay, we have listed the following tips in order to make your Battle Run: Multiplayer Racing experience a good one.

1. Use your Powerups to ricochet off the Walls

When you use a powerup in the game and somehow manage to miss everyone in your track, your powerup will return after hitting an obstacle. This ensures that you will hit your opponent for sure. Sadly enough the same is true for your opponent as well, as their powerup would also ricochet and return back.

2. Jumping at the edge of the platform gives you a boost in speed

While playing Battle Run Multiplayer Runner make sure to jump at the edge of the platform as close calls add up to your powerup. These boosts can help you ease off and slow down your power-up cooldown period. In the middle of the races, these small tricks and tips can prove to be vital for your success in Battle Run Multiplayer Runner.

3. Watch Ads daily to get 1000 free dimensional Dice

Battle Run Multiplayer Runner Guide,Battle Run Multiplayer Runner
Image via Game Hive Corporation

In the shop, you can access the daily deals section, where you’ll receive an option to watch videos daily in return for free dimensional dice, which is the in-game currency that players can use to buy items and runners. You can watch the videos over 5 times a day, the timer resets every day.

4. Your character Powerup stays longer if you hit other players

Your in-game character powerup stays longer if you manage to hit other players while you have an active powerup. This helps to prolong the effects of your character’s powerup and create terror on the tracks.

5. Bigger stars give more boost to your Powerup

Battle Run Multiplayer Runner Guide,Battle Run Multiplayer Runner
Image via Game Hive Corporation

In Battle Run: Multiplayer Racing, the more stars you collect, the faster your powerup meter fills up. But there is a secret to this, not all stars are equal in the game. There are some bigger stars in the game which when you collect will boost your powerup meter faster. You will easily be able to spot the bigger stars once you will play the game, they are mostly clustered around several small stars.

Final Thoughts

Battle Run: Multiplayer Racing is an exciting mobile game to play with friends and share fun experiences together. The game offers different characters and also gives the option to take different companions with you. Each runner you choose can be customized according to your taste and need as well.

The game is fairly simple to play but gives a lot of options in terms of choosing the right runner for yourself. Don’t hesitate to give it a try and never forget to refer to this Battle Run: Multiplayer Racing beginners guide for advice if you run into problems.

Did you find this Battle Run: Multiplayer Racing beginners guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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