Battlefield Mobile: Best Loadouts and Gun combinations to outperform enemies

Outsmart and outwit your opponents in the Battlefield!

Battlefield Mobile has been released in selected regions as part of an open beta. The game is being played by many players around the world and players are vying for dominance against each other. We are also playing the game for the past few days and have been able to figure out the best settings and leveling-up tips for you. In this article, we will discuss the best Loadouts available in Battlefield Mobile.

Best Loadouts in Battlefield Mobile

Every first-person shooter features a weapon and gears loadout where players need to select their primary weapon and secondary weapons. Along with a weapon players also need to select gear like gloves and some explosives like grenades.

The choice of loadouts varies from person to person. A loadout that works for some might not work for others. Battlefield Mobile has eight primary guns, three secondary guns, and two secondary gadgets as of now. Here are some of the best loadouts in Battlefield Mobile using these weapons.

Loadout 1

  • Class: Assault
smaw battlefield loadouts weapon
Image via Electronic Arts
  • Primary Gun: QBZ-95-1
  • Secondary Gun: M1911
  • Primary Gadget: SMAW
  • Secondary Gadget: Frag Grenade

This loadout is very effective for aggressive gameplay and it is best for team deathmatch. Players who like quick action and want to rake up a huge number of kills in a short period can use this loadout.

Loadout 2

  • Class: Support
f200 primary weapon
Image via Electronic Arts
  • Primary Gun: F2000
  • Secondary Gun: P226
  • Primary Gadget: Health Crate
  • Secondary Gadget: C4
  • Specialization: Improved healing

This loadout is best suited for players who like to support their teammates in a match. Players choosing this class will need to take position near a flag. Use your gun and deploy your health crate to heal yourself. The health crate can also be placed near flags to heal injured teammates. 

Loadout 3

  • Class: Recon
Battlefield Mobile best loadouts
Image via Electronic Arts
  • Primary Gun: 338 Recon
  • Secondary Gun: P226
  • Primary Gadget: Spotting Drone
  • Secondary Gadget: C4

Players who like to hunt their prey for a distance can use this loadout. They can use the drone to do reconnaissance and then snipe their opponents with the 338 Recon. Also, keep in mind that the 338 Recon is the most powerful gun in the game. Lastly, the C4 is very useful as a secondary gadget that helps in taking out opponents on your flanks.

Loadout 4

  • Class: Engineer
Battlefield Mobile best loadouts
Image via Electronic Arts
  • Primary Gun: SCAR-H
  • Secondary Gun: P226
  • Primary Gadget: MK153 SMAW
  • Secondary Gadget: M15 AT Mine

Players can opt for this loadout when they have leveled up a few ranks in the game. The M15 AT Mine which is great for taking out a couple of opponents in one go unlocks at rank 9 and the SCAR-H which has the highest damage (lower firing rate) among all assault rifles unlocks at rank 25. 

These are all the best weapon loadouts you can use to dominate matches and earn a victory in Battlefield Mobile. Like every shooter game out there, try out all the loadouts for yourself to find out the one that suits you the best.

Did you find our guide on best Loadouts in Battlefield Mobile helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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