Battlefield Mobile 2022 Weapons Tier List: Ranking the best to worst

Choose only the best weapons!

Battlefield Mobile has been released in selected regions as part of an open beta. The game is based on Electronic Arts’ blockbuster FPS game series Battlefield. Like all FPS games, Battlefield Mobile features a wide array of weapons to help players in defeating their opponents. While heading into the game one might find it difficult to choose the weapon suitable for them. So, we have prepared a Weapon tier list of all the weapons available in the game to help you choose a weapon in Battlefield Mobile easily.

Battlefield Mobile Weapons Tier List

TierAssault RifleCarbineSMGLMGSniper RiflePistols
Strong (A)QBZ-95-1  LSAT338-RECONP226
Good (B)F2000G36CPP-2000  CZ-75
Fair (C)SCAR-H P90PKP M1911

Battlefield Mobile Weapons Tier List: Explanation for Classification of the Weapons

Strong Tier Weapons

The A-Tier features the best weapons that any player can use in a match. These weapons are very much capable of unleashing a devastating blow on your opponents. Especially, if you are someone who likes to play in a full assault mode where you don’t want to give breathing space to your opponents. This tier of weapons is best suited for your assaultive gameplay. 

Battlefield Mobile Weapon Tier List
Image via Electronic Arts

The QBZ-95-1 is a lethal assault rifle with a fire rate of 568, damage of 25, and accuracy of 66. This rifle is also the easiest to control among all the assault rifles featured in the game.

Battlefield Mobile Weapon Tier List
Image via Electronic Arts

Another devastating weapon in this category is the light machine gun LSAT which is capable of firing a lot of bullets in one go. 

Good Tier Weapons

The B-Tier includes the F2000 assault rifle which has lower accuracy than the QBZ-95-1 but has a higher firing rate. This weapon is best for you while engaging your opponents in deadly 1v1 gun fights. The G36C is a good carbine gun that deals low damage but has a huge firing rate.

Battlefield Mobile Weapon Tier List
Image via Electronic Arts

Like the F2000 this gun is also very useful in 1v1 fights. If you are someone who likes to head into battles with SMGs then the PP-2000 is also a good choice from this tier.

Fair Tier Weapons

This tier includes weapons that are generally weaker compared to the previous two tiers. These weapons are not that easy to control and are also incapable of dealing fatal damage to your opponents. If you are someone who uses machine guns a lot then the PKP is a good option to choose in the game. 

Battlefield Mobile Weapon Tier List
Image via Electronic Arts

Apart from that, the other weapons are not that useful, unless you want to level up the weapons or if you want to test your gun skills with all the different weapons in the game. 

Final Thoughts

As of now the game only has a limited number of weapons which will surely increase once the game officially launches. Battlefield Mobile is an action-packed FPS and this tier list can be followed by players to decimate opponents and win matches. Make sure to practice with all the weapons and then select the ones that are most lethal in battles. 

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