5 Best f2p decks in Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a free to play game, however obtaning legendary cards can be quite a challenge. In order to get to high trophy ranges, you may want to try maxing these decks. Despite being mostly commons and rares, these cards are strong and meta when combined. Pleare note that F2P doesn’t mean “strong regardless of card level”. Importantly, some cards could lose powerful key interactions when underleveled. Remember to read the prioritize section under every deck. Without further ado, let’s check the Best f2p decks in Clash Royale!

1. Hog Cycle (2.6)

Best f2p decks in Clash Royale, hog cycle decks
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Starting off with undoubtely one of the best f2p decks in Clash Royale, here’s the “2.6 hog rider”! This deck clearly has a fast cycle and there are no epic nor legendary cards. Easy to learn, hard to master. A lot of practice is in order, as a result you’ll master this awesome deck.


1. Musketeer 2. Ice Spirit 3. Ice Golem 4. Cannon 5. Hog Rider 6. Zap 7. Fireball 8. Skeletons. Avoid Maxing out Zap if you’re planning on switching it with Log. Importantly, max out Musketeer as soon as possible.

Tips and Tricks

Firstly, take advantage of your fast cycle to get back to the necessary cards. If your Hog Rider gets countered, play 4 cards to get back to him and play him again. Secondly, keep your Musketeer alive and safe. Protect her with Skeletons or Ice Golem so she can provide additional value to your defense/offense. Finally, positioning is key, misplacing a card can be very unforgiving. Above all, Practice makes perfect, keep trying until you reach mastery.

If you need a perfect video guide, make sure to check this video attached below.

In addition, for some gameplay, make sure to check SirTag‘s latest video


Switching the ZAP with the LOG will indeed provide a stronger version of this deck. You can also switch ICE GOLEM for KNIGHT for a stronger defensive ground unit. Additionally, try switching CANNON for TESLA if you need more Air defense.

2. Mortar Bait

Best f2p decks in Clash Royale, Mortar Bait decks
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Mortar Bait is a classic, always in meta and unquestionably on top leaderboards. Despite having Legendary Card (Miner), there are 6 common cards and 1 rare to compensate on f2p score. Undoubtedly, it requires a bit of practice to get used to, but once you learn how to play it, you’ll love it.


1. Goblin Gang 2. Rascals 3. Mortar 4. Miner 5. Fireball 6. Bats 7. Spear Goblins 8. Zap. Max out Goblin Gang as soon as possible or they’ll get zapped out.

Tips and Tricks

This very versatile deck focuses on damaging the towers with Miner, Mortar or both. The main goal is to chip away the tower’s health bit by bit while defending with your troops. Try to focus on your opponent bait counter, in particular, spells cycle, is crucial to maximizing the potential of your cards. Mortar can hit towers when played on the bridge, once he locks to a tower he will keep firing to it unless reset. Keep in mind that Mortar can’t attack nearby units, providing good defense value against beatdown decks.

If you need some gameplay, check this video.


Switching Zap with Barbarian Barrel is unquestionably a good trade, it has a wider variety of uses. Spear Goblins can be switched with Dart Goblin only if you added Barbarian Barrel. DG has clearly a better damage output and longer range, providing good defense and chip damage. However, he can’t be used to kite ground units and costs 1 extra elixir. Also, switching Bats with Minion Horde will provide very strong air defense, despite increasing your deck cost by a lot.

3. Royal Giant Rocket

Best f2p decks in Clash Royale, Royal Giant Rocket
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For all Royal Giant’s Fans out there, here’s a completely f2p deck for you! Once again, no legendaries nor epic cards to worry about, 4 commons and 4 rares and you’re done. It may not be the best f2p decks in Clash Royale including the Roal Giant, but it’s very strong regardless. Despite being expensive, This deck cycles incredibly good.


1. Musketeer 2. Goblin Gang 3. Minions 4. Royal Giant 5. Graveyard 6. Valkyrie 7. Rocket 8. Zap.

Tips and Tricks

Being a High-Cost deck, you should obviously spend the first minutes of the match on a defensive attitude. Fast cycles decks will out cycle your cards in 1x elixir, nonetheless, you have all the tools to defend. Once you hit the 2x elixir bell, it’s time to go aggressive, support your royal giant with troops as well as rocket. RG can also be played if your opponent plays high-cost cards, just throw him on the other side. You should unquestionably avoid playing RG behind your main tower “BeatDownlike”.

CWA made a video about this deck, make sure to check it out!


The only switch I can think of is Rocket for Lightning. Undoubtedly, Lightning can help you against buildings that block your Royal Giant, however, Rocket deals a lot of tower damage being a win condition. I wouldn’t recommend any other trades but you’re free to try!

4. Giant 3M

Best f2p decks in Clash Royale, 3 Musketeer Giant
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You know the drill, 4 rares and 4 commons, full f2p and very strong. Giant 3M is an old legend and without a doubt is still strong today. While the meta shifts around, these cards have all but lost their strength, they’re just not popular as they used to be.


1. 3 Musketeers, 2. Minion Horde, 3. Goblin Gang, 4. Elixir Pump, 5. Ram, 6. Giant, 7. Bats, 8. Zap. If you switch Giant with Ice Golem, max him out after Elixir Pump.

Tips and Tricks

Unfortunately I was never able to upgrade 3M, as a result, I haven’t really been able to play this deck. However, the main strategy revolves around baiting your opponent big and small spells. Above all, you should split your 3M (2 one side, 1 on the other) and support them both with any of your troops. In other words, keep your Musketeers and Elixir Pump alive and don’t be afraid of going aggressive.

As always, for some gameplay make sure to check this video from SirTag.


You can definitely switch Giant freely, choose between Goblin Giant or Ice Golem. In addition, try Snowball for Zap. The pros/cons should be pretty self explanatory, therefore feel free to try out which one suits your playstyle better.

5. Xbow Cycle (2.9/3.0)

Best f2p decks in Clash Royale, xbow cycle
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Finishing up strong, we have undoubtedly one of the best f2p decks in Clash Royale. It is less f2p than the others since it as 1 legendary and 1 epic card, but it’s also top tier meta and above all, insanely powerful. You’ll need to do a lot of practice to master this deck, however, once you’ve done it the sky’s the only limit.


1. Archers, 2. Ice Spirit, 3. Ice Golem, 4. Tesla, 5. Xbow, 6. Fireball, 7. Log, 8. Skeletons. Unfortunately, every card clearly loses A LOT of value when underleveled. Exceptions are log, fireball and skeletons, nevertheless leaving them behind weakens your performance anyway. Without a doubt, you should max out some cards before using it on ladder.

Tips and Tricks

I could write 5 pages and it wouldn’t be enough to cover all the strategies of this deck. For Instance, your main goal is above all to connect xbow to a tower. The insane health of the building is enough to wear out an entire turret. Since it’s the only card that can destroy a tower, focus your whole playstyle on it. Cycle it, defend it, bait away its counters. In addition, I’ll leave below some extra videos and comprehensive guides, they’ll surely help you improve.

For some gameplay, check SirTag take on Xbow with this Video.


Ice Golem for Knight is the only trade I like. Not only he provides a strong defense, but he also helps against off-meta decks in ladder.

That’s it for today, what do you think about these decks? Are you going to try them out in Clash Royale? Are you playing any of them? Make sure to leave a comment down below and let us know what you think! I’m Logram, thanks for reading, have a good day!

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