Soccer Manager 2021: 10 Best Free Agents you should sign for your team

Ready to bolster your squad Gaffer?

Free Agents in Soccer Manager 2021 are players that have either ran out of contract or have been released by their former club. This is usually down to the fact that the previous owner simply doesn’t need the player anymore. Sometimes, that player may come of use to you in some way. Here are the 10 Best free agents that appear from the start of Soccer Manager 2021. However, the free agents listed here are what comes up in the list right at the start of the save. Once you start a game in SM21 and go over to the free agents’ list, you will see these players. Get these players in your team if you want them as soon as possible before they get clinched by other clubs.

Who are the Best Free agents in Soccer Manager 2021?

1. Edinson Cavani

Overall: 87
Age: 33
Position: FR, FL, FC
Preferred Role: Target Man

The well-known Uruguayan goal-scorer appears in the free-agents list, and what a signing this could be. Do keep in mind that Cavani is aging and so his stats will drop significantly. It is always a good idea to have some squad depth in your team and if you are someone that plays with a Target Man striker, Cavani will be a great back-up signing.

2. Jose Callejon

Best Free agents in Soccer Manager 2021

Overall: 79
Age: 33
Position: AMC, AMR, AML, FR, FL
Preferred Role: Winger

Another old player comes in the form of Spanish winger Jose Callejon. He is quite versatile in attack and can play in a variety of positions. Obviously, he would be only a temporary option at the age of 33, since he will be looking to retire. Still, this would be a great signing to give your team’s attack some squad depth.

3. Mario Gotze

Best Free agents in Soccer Manager 2021

Overall: 78
Age: 28
Position: AMC, AMR, AML, FR, FL, FC
Preferred Role: Advanced Playmaker

After scoring the 2014 World Cup winner, the German playmaker seemed to have gone missing the action. At 28 years of age, Gotze still has some years of football left in him, and he is still a decent quality player. If you need a player of his kind, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t at least consider Gotze.

4. Ezequiel Garay

Best Free agents in Soccer Manager 2021

Overall: 75
Age: 33
Position: DC
Preferred Role: Stopper

The Argentinian wall is another aging player, but he is still strong and sturdy in defense. If you are in need of some defensive depth, Garay could be someone to consider, but bear in mind that he will be looking to retire soon.

5. Arnaud Lusamba

Overall: 66
Age: 23
Position: MC, AMC, AMR, AML
Preferred Role: Playmaker

Lusamba may not be as well-known as the others on the list, but he is here due to his incredible versatility in midfield. At the age of 23, the Frenchman still has a lot of football to play and he could be a great addition to your squad. With the variety of positions he can play, Lusamba will prove to be a useful utility player.

6. Daniel Sturridge

Best Free agents in Soccer Manager 2021

Overall: 74
Age: 30
Position: FR, FL, FC
Preferred Role: Finisher

He has had his moments of glory but he seems to be on the fall now, aging and dropping in quality. For a mid-quality team, Sturridge could prove to be a decent signing. However, if he is better than most players you already have in your club, it is a good idea to sign him up only if he is open to joining. Not exactly the long-term option but very useful to lower quality teams.

7. Aleix Garcia

Best Free agents in Soccer Manager 2021

Overall: 68
Age: 23
Position: DM, CM, AMC, AMR, AML, FC
Preferred Role: Playmaker

This is another very versatile player you can choose for your squad. He can play deep in midfield, or you could even throw him up top in front of the goal. He does prefer to be played as a playmaker, but the versatility he possesses makes him a great squad addition. At 23 years old, he still has a long way to go, a great signing overall.

8. Jordon Ibe

Best Free agents in Soccer Manager 2021

Overall: 70
Age: 24
Position: AMC, AMR, AML, FR, FL
Preferred Role: Winger

Ibe will provide some good depth in your attack, and at 24 years old, he has a lot of potentials. For a top-quality team, you may even decide to send him off on loan for a bit to allow him to grow. As for a lower table team, this man will likely fit in nicely into your team.

9. Luca Zidane

Best Free agents in Soccer Manager 2021

Overall: 61
Age: 22
Position: GK
Preferred Role: Keeper

The son of the football legend Zinedine Zidane, makes a surprise appearance in the free agents’ list. At 22 years old, he has great potential. He may not turn out as the first-choice keeper, but he will slot in at second or third choice. Alternatively, you may choose to loan him out for regular time. Goalkeepers usually enjoy their peak times at around 30 years old. Zidane has a lot of time left until then.

10. Mikel San Jose

Best Free agents in Soccer Manager 2021

Overall: 74
Age: 31
Position: DC, DMC
Preferred Role: Ball-Winning Midfielder

A good quality defensive midfielder who comes at a high price. San Jose may be aging, but he still is a decent player. For a low-tier team, San Jose will fit in nicely, bringing the experience to the squad as well as quality. He may not be as useful to a higher tier team though, since there are better options.

Which of these 10 Best free agents are you signing up in Soccer Manager 2021? Do you have any other players in mind? Let us know in the comments section below!

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