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Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas Beginners Guide and Tips

The World of Lithas is waiting for you!

Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas is one of the recent launches in the world of RPGs on Android and iOS. The game is based upon cards where the characters are classified into different tiers with different power levels. Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas is developed by the GOAT games. Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas follows a strict storyline with not many game modes. Let us go through the Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Beginners guide and some tips for them so that they can jump to the top of the leaderboard.

Gameplay Overview  

Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas has several features which make the gameplay more interesting for the players. It follows a single storyline mode of the game with several Chapters and Stages. The game follows the basic combat rules of RPG where the characters fight automatically against the enemies. The battlefield allows a five men squad of heroes who fights against the villains and their troops.

Gameplay overview Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Beginners Guide
Image via GOAT Games

Every hero has a rage skill that activates after a certain time limit. This can be understood after a bar gets filled up in yellow color. After the bar gets filled the card pops up with a blue aura, players can tap on the card and use the rage skill against the enemies. There are lots of features in the game such as the Heir system, Leaderboard, Arena, Champions, Bag, and many more. Every feature has a significant use that helps the players progress further into the game.

Introducing the Basics of Bloodline Heroes of Lithas

The game has many important features in the home lobby that have many significant workings that will help the players progress further into the game. 


This is the section where players can check out all the heroes they own. The section has two sub-sections, champions and renowned champions. In the renowned champions, players can earn rewards in the form of Gold coins and Diamonds whenever they own the most compatible hero duo.

Image via GOAT Games

In this section, players can even upgrade, equip weapons, and level up the skills of the heroes. These will help the players to increase the overall strength of their team and fight with the best set of heroes they own.

World Map

The World Map shows the route which must be followed by the players to go through the main storyline. The Map shows the name of the Chapters which have several Stages under them. Players have to complete all the Stages and Chapters to move forward into the storyline and earn great rewards like Gold, Diamonds, and items such as Gears, Energy Portions, and several heroes as well. The World Map has three sections; Campaign, Exploration, and Expedition.

World map
Image via GOAT Games
  • Campaign: In the Campaign section, players have to follow the Chapters and Stages to follow up the storyline and complete the game. These will lead them to earn great rewards.
  • Expedition: The Expedition section comes up with some extra and side missions from where players can earn more valuable rewards and help the players to earn them.
  • Exploration: The Exploration section comes up with several exploration points that help the players to explore several regions of the world and the players earn some extraordinary resources such as Gear, portions, and currencies along with heroes that help them progress and upgrade their team.


The Companion section comes up with different companions that help the heroes to Heir, i.e., give birth to several new heroes, train them and develop to grow them into one the finest heroes. Players can develop their Heirs in the Heirs section present in the Lobby.

Image via GOAT Games

In that section, players can develop them with the help of some points which can be divided into three factors to develop the babies. These three factors are:-

  • Play
  • Train
  • Study

Players can restore these points with the help of the energy portions. These energy portions can be earned by winning the games in the story mode, daily login rewards, and completing objectives.


In the Dungeon section, players capture and imprison those villains which the players have defeated with their undisputed five men squad. Players can Pacify, Communicate, Intimidate and Punish those villains or criminals and recruit them into their team as heroes.


Arena Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Beginners Guide
Image via GOAT Games

In the Arena, players can compete against the best five-man squads of other players around the globe. These will help them understand the meta of the gameplay, and heroes and improve further with their heroes. Players will earn rewards from these as well.


The Senate is the place where the players solve the issues of the villagers. This also helps the players to come up with some rewards for every right decision.


In the District section, players develop their place of living by investing several Gold coins in the area. Players can earn back the gold in the form of tax that is paid by the villagers who live in these areas.


The Leaderboard section shows all the rankings of the players who play the game throughout the World. These can help the players motivate themselves in the game and progress further to reach the top. There are many more features of the game that will unlock by completing more Chapters and Stages. Players can unlock these after playing more and hence end up unlocking them to enjoy those features.

Other miscellaneous features

  • Bag: Players can check out all the resources, companions, portions, gears, and currencies that they have owned in the Bag section. Players can even use them from this section and progress further.
  • Store: The Store shows up with several resources and items which can be bought by the players. Players can even go further for real-time transactions to buy resources.
  • Quest: Players are assigned several missions and objectives which are to be completed by them while playing the Chapters and Stages. By this, players can earn valuable resources that will help them progress and upgrade their team.
  • Challenges and 7 days login: The Challenges section has some assigned challenges for the players which helps them earn rewards after they have completed a challenge. The 7-day login section comes up with daily rewards after login for the players.

Mastering your Heroes

The game has several sets of heroes divided into different classes and tiers. The game has mainly 6 class heroes:

  • Assassin: Assassins are the best long-ranged fighters and can enter the enemy territory in great silence and thrash opponents. These heroes have great potential to deal with great damage and have an immense stealth mode play style.
  • Mage: Mage class heroes can cast spells over the opponents and trap them into an illusional trap which results in their defeat. These heroes are the best long and mid-ranged fighters respectively and sometimes provide the best cover fire from behind.
  • Tank: The tank-class heroes are the best frontline fighters who come up with the highest damage-dealing capability. They are best in their in-hand combat with bare hands or their weapons.
upgrade the heroes Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Beginners Guide
Image via GOAT Games
  • Warrior: Warriors class heroes come just after the Tank class heroes, these heroes are also best at dealing great damage. They can even thrash the enemies in seconds and clear out the battlefield. These class heroes play the role of the second entry Fragger in the war.
  • Marksman: The Marksman is the best long-range hero. These heroes come up with their best sets of weapons and use them against their opponents. This helps the frontline fighters have an advantage and thus the team claims a win.
  • Support: The Support class heroes provide the best healing and cover fire to their teammates. They are best positioned at a safe distance from the opponents so that they don’t have to deal with direct damage.

Upgrading the Heroes

Players can easily upgrade the players and increase their overall team strength to overpower the opponent team.

  • In the lobby, tap on the Champions option.
  • Select the heroes that you are willing to upgrade.
  • Players must have sufficient Gold coins to upgrade the heroes, hence check the Gold coins you own and then tap on the Level Up option.

With these easy and simple ways, players can upgrade their heroes and increase their overall strengths.

Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After investing so much time in this game, here are some of the best tips for beginners in Bloodline Heroes of Lithas:

1. Recruit and hire as many as you can

Beginners must recruit and Heir more Heroes. These will increase their chance to win top-tier heroes for their team and make their team the strongest from the first shot.

2. Upgrade your Heroes

Beginners must upgrade the Heroes to the maximum level they can with the help of Golds. These will increase the overall strength of their team and help them win the wars easily.

3. Complete Quests and challenges

Beginners must complete the Quests and Challenges to earn great rewards and resources. Resources and rewards such as Gold, Diamonds, Gears, Portions, Buns, and many more are there that will help the players progress further into the game.

4. Complete the Chapters

 Players need to complete the Chapters to unlock more features and enjoy their benefits of them. These will also help them gain many valuable rewards.

5. Choose the best set of five men squad

After receiving some heroes, players need to select the best set of heroes for their Five men squad to make a balanced team. Players must have a Tank, Warrior, Support, Mage, and Marksman in their team to make it one of the finest and most balanced five men squads out there on the battlefield.

Final Thoughts

Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas is one of the recent and finest releases among RPG games. The game come up with several heroes which have different abilities and powers which makes it even more interesting. As the game runs in online mode, players cannot afford to progress in an unfair means of play. Follow the beginner’s guide and the tips to reach the top of the game and flourish in the world of Bloodline with their rampage.

That’s all from us for the Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Beginners Guide! Did you find our Bloodline Heroes of Lithas beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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