Brawl Stars Brawlentines 2023 Guide: Duo Challenge, new skins and more

New event during the season of love!

Brawlentines 2023 is now in the air in Brawl Stars, as they say at the games of Supercell is no different. With the announcement of the upcoming Brawlentines event in the flagship MOBA of Supercell, Brawl Stars. February is the month of love and Supercell doesn’t shy away from showing some love toward their players either. The Brawlentines event 2023 brings with it duo challenges and many rewards which we will discuss in this Brawl Stars guide.

Brawlentines brings a new flavor to Brawlstars with an all-new relaxing main menu which seems to have grabbed the attention of the player base. The new skin and the teasing of a possible new Brawler are also announced along with this event and the brawler seems to be in love with the fan-favorite brawler, Mortis.

Image via Supercell

Brawlentines 2023 Event: Rewards and challenges

Brawlentines is the celebration of the month of love in Brawl Stars with an exciting tweet. Supercell has announced that Brawlentines is in the air. We are as excited as ever to present everything one needs to know, in order to enjoy the Brawlentines event 2023. The event is spread out across the week with several events taking place leading up to the Valentine’s Day itself on the 14th of February, 2022. The event schedule and rewards are as follows:

  • February 10th: Half of the Brawl Stars player base will receive a kissing heart pin for free in the shop, while the other half will get a pin.
  • February 11th: The Complete Me Challenge is will go live. Basically, every brawler will compete with their other half which means that they’ll need to play with either the kissing heart pin or the receiving pin. The match will be played with healing modifiers and the winner will get two pieces of heart spray which will be available on the 14th of February, 2023.
  • February 14th: Sam the Teddy skin will be made available in the store for 29 gems.

The event will also bring back previous Brawlentines skills and that too at a discounted price throughout the duration of the Brawlentines event (the whole week). We wish all the brawlers a very happy Brawlentines week.

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