Brawl Stars Guide: Tips to earn Coins in the game quickly

Here's how to easily get Coins!

Coins are the most easily affordable currency in Brawl Stars that can be used to purchase gadgets, star powers, upgrade brawlers, and a lot more. Coins can be obtained in a variety of methods inside Brawl Stars, and they are extremely easy. In this guide, we will list down the methods that can be used by players to earn coins.

How to get Coins in Brawl Stars

There are several ways to earn Coins in Brawl Stars, and players can use these coins to purchase exciting items from the Shop. Below are the methods that can be followed by players to earn Coins:

1. Coin Packs

Brawl Stars  Coin Packs
Image via Supercell

Players can purchase Coins from the Coin Packs available in the Store using Gems. Since players would easily get a lot of Coins, Coin Packs won’t be necessary for them. But if at all one needs Coins urgently, they can spend their Gems for a great number of Coins.

2. Brawl Pass

Brawl Stars get Coins
Image via Supercell

Now and then, players get Coins as awards by completing the Brawl Pass tiers. This is not only limited to the Brawl Pass but can be obtained from the Free Pass as well. So for those free-to-play players, this is the best possible way to earn Coins with ease.

3. Special Quests

Some quests offer a certain amount of Coins on completion. While many of the quests reward players with Tokens, there are special quests that reward them with Coins as well. Complete the required quest to win the reward.

4. Brawl Boxes

Players can receive a small number of Coins by opening any box. Brawl Boxes are known to reward players with a lot of Power Points. Such is the case to earn Coins as well; the bigger the Brawl Box, the higher the Coins received.

5. Trophy Road

 Brawl Stars Coins
Image via Supercell

There are a lot of Coins up for grabs from the trophy road. As players climb up the trophies, they receive a wide range of rewards including Coins. For this, players only have to play more and more, and try to increase their trophies as much as they can.

Final Thoughts

In some cases such as upgrading brawlers, purchasing power points, etc. Coins are the only mode of currency that players can use to perform these tasks. Just like any other game that includes one type of currency that they can earn easily, Brawl Stars have also taken up a similar system. Additionally, the title has provided a lot of things to do with the Coins, and it seems to be pretty exciting as to what other interesting updates and features come to the game soon.

Did you find our guide on how to get Coins in Brawl Stars helpful? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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