Breakout Beginners Guide and Tips

It's time to get out of the State Prison!

Breakout is an arcade and endless runner game by SHIFTR that has recently come into the world of mobile gaming. The game follows up a concept where the players play with a character who just fled from the central jail and thus have to now roll down and jump over hurdles to successfully get rid of the chase. Players will get many hurdles in this difficult journey through a hard terrain highway that consists of several gangsters and road blockers. Thus, let us dive into a detailed beginners guide and know more about Breakout in detail. 

Introducing the Basics of Breakout

The game works on very simple mechanics and thus players can easily play this one to kill time while they get bored or traveling. Players just have to check for the hurdles and need to swipe up on the left side of the screen to jump over road blockers and gangsters or they have to swipe down to roll over through the road blockers. The game has view vehicles that help the players to boost up their chase for a certain time limit and then again they will start running with their doddle character.

Breakout Beginners Guide
Image via SHIFTR

The game is based upon very simple and sober 2D graphics that make the elements more funnier and interesting for the players. It has many sections and missions for the players through which they can easily win up in-game currencies such as Coins and Dollars. There are many interesting characters as well in the game that can be bought by the players with the help of coins and dollars. 

Breakout has a very limited number of features for the players. The gameplay system of Breakout is also so easy that on the home page, players just need to tap on the “Play” button and the game will start immediately. Hence, let us check out the main features players will find in the game:


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Wardrobe is the section where players can check out all the other available characters and thus can even buy those characters with the help of Coins and Dollars. Here, are the lists of characters that players will witness in the Wardrobe section:

  • Normie
  • Brute
  • Guard
  • Cop
  • Ol’ Farmer
  • Egghead
  • Alpha
  • Omega
  • Medic
  • Firefighter
  • Weirdo
  • Builder
  • Tinker Jin
  • Emma
  • Astronaut
  • Little Peter
  • Ginger
  • Gigachad
  • Chief Sam
  • Derek
  • Alberto
  • Liam
  • Christian
  • Mr. Drip


Garage is the section where players will get to check out all the boosters that they can use while they are in to escape from the chase. The game offers mainly three boosters to the players:

Breakout Beginners Guide
Image via SHIFTR
  • Rocket car
  • Hiper Motor
  • Turbojet 

These booster vehicles are very beneficial while players are escaping and thus provide a solid boost so that they can escape easily and clear the round. Players can buy and upgrade these vehicles with the help of Coins. 


BRKO Rewards
Image via SHIFTR

Quests is a section where the players get assigned tasks and missions. By completing them, players can advance their levels and even unlock some characters as well. Players mainly receive rewards such as coins and dollars by completing these missions and tasks. 


The rewards section comes up with daily rewards for the players while they log in to the game. Players will get rewards for 20 days straight and again the rewards section will get updated so that players get more rewards further. Up here, players will receive rewards such as coins, dollars, rocket boosters, and coin magnets. 


The ranking section checks out the rank of the player among his or her friends and thus this creates a healthy and competitive environment among friends and makes them more enthusiastic about the game. 

Breakout Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After spending so many hours escaping in the long-lost highway full of hurdles and gangsters, here are the best tips for beginners that will help them progress well in the game:

1. Play as much as you can 

As a beginner, players must play as much as they can only because fact that in the beginning players will get many easy and relevant tasks that will be easier to complete and thus they will get rewarded with in-game currencies. Along with this, the accuracy and rankings will increase if they play more and this will surely come up with great benefits after a few days. 

2. Complete the Quests 

Players must focus on completing the quests while playing the rounds. Completing quests will help out the players to level up faster, unlock characters, and collect coins and dollars in the form of rewards. By completing the tasks assigned from the quests, players can utilize the received rewards like coins and dollars in their wardrobe and garage to unlock more characters and upgrade their vehicles present in the garage easily. 

3. Unlock more Characters 

The characters in Breakout play a very important role in the game for the players. As a beginner, players must play more and save coins and dollars to unlock the best characters in the game as it will help out the players themselves to play the matches firmly and smoothly without any hurdles. 

4. Upgrade your Vehicles 

Players must keep upgrading the vehicles and buy all three of them. As vehicles play a very important role while the characters surf through the highway, upgrading them will come up with great results, and thus players can easily complete their round along with all the assigned tasks and thus level up quickly which is a great benefit for the players only. 

5. Play very carefully

Players must carefully swipe at the right time to avoid the hurdles such as roadblocks and gangsters so that they can continue the game smoothly. Also, while running through the dangerous highway, players must look out for grabbing the maximum amount of coins. They can grab it as it will help them come up with an extra source of income in the game. Thus, players can easily earn more coins in this way as well. 


Breakout is an amazing time-killing game. It will surely help out gamers enjoy some entertainment and interesting factors as well. The game has many interesting characters and some jaw-dropping vehicles as well. It will help out the players to play more firmly. Thus, follow up on this beginners guide and checkout for tips as well so that you can flourish well in the game and become number 1 among your friends and let them know that your breakout made a huge noise. 

That’s all for today’s Breakout Beginners Guide! Did you find this Breakout Beginners Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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