BRIXITY: Tips to level up quickly in the game

Advance your creative realm with these tips!

BRIXITY is a sandbox city-building simulation game developed by Devsisters Corporation. The principal job of the players is to rebuild a destroyed Earth by building new infrastructures through the usage of purifying materials known as Brix. The players as Brixmasters witness a world of infinite opportunities in which they can provide their innovative ideas in the form of a unique town. So, the players need to progress at a quicker rate to showcase their true creativity. Hence, go through this informative piece to level up faster in the game.

How to level up quickly in BRIXITY

The following are some of the important tips for the players to advance easily in the BRIXITY:

1. Expand your Territorial Land

Brixity pre-registration
Image via Devsisters Corporation

The players are recommended to expand their city area to generate more healing energy around the surroundings. Expanding the area ensures larger space for construction and generation of a more healing essence. The player has to tap on the barren land and assign a cleaning bot to the work. Once the work is done, the land becomes green and purified ready to be inhabited. 

2. Build more Commercial and Public Buildings

Image via Devsisters Corporation

Commercial and Public buildings such as Hot Dog Stand and Ice Cream Shop are a great source of coins in the game. The Pipos are employed in commercial buildings to supply goods to the citizens and produce coins whereas the public buildings yield coins themselves. These resources can be utilized in purchasing blueprints and constructing structures. 

3. Invite Pipos to your City

Image via Devsisters Corporation

The players are advised to invite more and more Pipos to inhabit their city. The Pipos act as the citizens of a town designed by the player aka Brixmaster. They can invite the Pipos through a Pipo Coupon. These adorable characters can be utilized in the form of employees working in commercial buildings generating loads of coins that are further used in important in-game activities. 

4. Rate Cities on the Poll

The players in the game are given the liberty to rate the cities of other players through a poll system. The players will be provided with the option of 3 unique cities of other Brixmasters to choose from. The player needs to give a star rating to the cities and the highest-rated city will be declared as the best one. City Polls provide the players with rewards that can assist them to level up in BRIXITY.

Final Thoughts

BRIXITY is an exciting simulation game that lets the players unleash their creativity to design a metropolis. Within the world of Brix, gamers can discover new content with cute characters referred to as Pipo, interact with other Brixmasters across the globe, and let their creativity run loose as they step in for a creative journey. Thus, follow up on this detailed piece in case you’re a newbie and know about all the ways to top the chart in BRIXITY. 

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