BRIXITY: Tips to obtain Resources easily in the game

Get your hands on all treasured resources swiftly!

Resources are crucial aspects of a simulation game such as BRIXITY as they are necessary for purifying the surroundings of Earth. They are extensively used for various purposes including buying blueprints, building structures, exploring cities, and many more such activities. Due to the wide range of usage of these items, the players must know about the basic functionalities they have within the game. Therefore, let’s get into this detailed piece on all the vital resources the players get to see in BRIXITY and how to earn them easily.

Resources in BRIXITY

The game instills a handful of resources including the free and premium ones. Here, we present a list of all the resources the players will witness throughout the game:

1. Healing Essence

Healing Essence is one of the most basic forms of resource in BRIXITY. These are mysterious substances generated from Brix and are used in the healing and purification of plot lands on Earth. These can be obtained from stacked Brix when constructing numerous buildings in the city.

2. Coins

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This is an important form of currency found in the game. Coins are used for purchasing Brix and blueprints from the Blueprint Market needed for building any structure. These can be generated from Pipos working in commercial buildings such as Hot Dog Stand.

3. Crystals

Another form of the currency found in BRIXITY is Crystals. These are the official currencies on Mars modified for use on Earth. Crystals can be obtained from converting Mars currency or through various Brixmaster activities in the game.

4. Coupons

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Coupons are also one of the most important resources in the game. There are three types of coupons in BRIXITY. These include the Pipo Coupon, City Tour Coupon, and Special Brix Coupon. As the name suggests, they are used for inviting Pipos to join your city, to tour and explore unique cities of other players, and to draw Special Brix from the section respectively.

How to earn Resources easily in BRIXITY

1. Complete all Restoration Missions

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Restoration Missions are part of an Earth Restoration Program where the players are assigned certain missions in each phase to proceed to the next phase. Each Phase will unlock new features necessary for the purification of Earth. The players are advised to complete all missions in each phase to acquire rewards and valuable resources such as Coins, Crystals, and Coupons.

2. Create and Build more Buildings

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The players are recommended to build more and more buildings to develop the new Earth. Constructing buildings and unique blueprints generates a certain amount of healing essence that can be utilized in the city. Commercial buildings are also a great source for generating coins that can be further used for purchasing blueprints, adding to the queue of construction, and creating an infrastructure.

3. Keep a check for the Brix Pass

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The Brix Pass section offers daily missions to the players that enable them to win significant resources in the game. There are mainly two types of Brix Pass namely: Free and Premium. As the name suggests the Premium Brix Pass can only be accessed by purchasing it using real-time money whereas the rewards within Free Brix Pass can be received for free as the players advance towards the new stage. 

Final Thoughts

BRIXITY is an impressive building simulation game developed to enjoy the endless flow of creativity coming to life. In the surroundings of a now-desolate Earth, the players can discover new features, earn resources valuable for city enhancement, and socialize with other players across the globe. Thus, follow up on this informative piece to know all about the vital items and how to earn them.

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