Brotato Character Class Tier List for June 2023

Pick from only the best character classes!

Brotato is a top-down arena shooter roguelike game by Erabit Studios. Take control of Brotato, a lone potato armed with up to six weapons, and battle against hordes of aliens. With its fast-paced gameplay, endless possibilities for customization, and addictive combat system, Brotato delivers an exhilarating gaming experience that will keep you engaged for hours. In this article, we will be looking into the potato classes that are best in the current version of the game. This Brotato Class Tier List will help you to choose and play with the best characters.

Brotato Character Class Tier List for June 2023

The Brotato tier list provided below serves as a valuable resource for players to make informed choices when selecting their characters.

Brotato Class Tier List
Image via Erabit Studios

By categorizing the characters into distinct tiers, players can easily differentiate between them and make strategic decisions accordingly. Let’s delve into the Brotato Class Tier List and explore the various classifications it offers.

TierCharacter Class
Overpowered (S+)Farmer,
Strong (S)Loud,
Good (A)Mutant,
Fair (B)Pacifist,
Weak (C)Speedy,
Demon Tier (F)Demon

Best Meta Class for Beginners in Brotato

In Brotato, players are introduced to a diverse cast of potatoes, each possessing their own unique set of abilities and upgrade paths. These distinct skills, personalities, and capabilities provide players with a multitude of perspectives and gameplay experiences. Here, we highlight some of the top characters you can expect to encounter and play alongside in the game.


Ranger although not on the S tier of the list is a very solid candidate for beginners to main. This is because he does not need unlocking for the player to have access to him.

Brotato Class Tier List
Image via Erabit Studios

This means that the very beginners in the game can quickly climb through the game by using his very solid kit of using guns and other ranged upgrades that are one of the more overpowered weapons in the game. 


Next that the players reading this list of that needs to take note of what is lucky. He is the cheapest S-tier class in this list that is available to be purchased for cheap. He only costs 60 spuds to unlock in contrast to the 150 that the other two s tier character needs.

Brotato Class Tier List
Image via Erabit Studios

This gives him a better position to be unlocked by starting players with access to limited spuds as they are very scarce to get in the game where most players may need to rely on cashing in real money to get other characters or even watch minutes if not hours of ads to gain access to more spuds and be able to unlock better classes.

Final Thoughts

By carefully selecting your class in Brotato, you can elevate your gameplay to new levels and unlock increasingly powerful characters by getting spuds. As you immerse yourself in the game and gain experience, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of each character’s strengths and weaknesses. This knowledge will enable you to make better decisions about which character to play with, allowing you to maximize your effectiveness in the game.

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