Bug Heroes: Tower Defense Beginners Guide and Tips

Conquer the world of bugs like a real King!

Bug Heroes: Tower Defense is an amazing strategy, action-based game, entirely focused upon a definite war between the ants and the bugs. Thus, let us dive into a detailed Bug Heroes: Tower Defense beginners guide piece and help out all the amateurs with the best pieces of advice as well!

Bug Heroes: Tower Defense has many fascinating characters and amazing weapons and artifacts that create enthusiasm in the players. The game also has some amazing in-game features and other fun options, making it a great gaming experience for newcomers. 

Gameplay Overview 

Bug Heroes: Tower Defense is a 3D-based game where the players get to select a particular type of house. Houses get unlocked after a certain level or clearing out previous house missions. Majorly, players get to see several types of bugs; Ant, Beetle, Spider, and many more in the game. The main motto is to save the bowl of food from the ants who will try to attack.

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In every house, there will be 15 stages for the players. Players need to clear out all the 15 stages to go and unlock the next set of houses. To protect the Food Stash, players can set up some weapons to defend it. This setup requires some in-game currency that replenishes during the match itself. Players can unlock more weapons by further leveling up in the game.

There are other in-game features as well, that help boost the gaming experience for the players. Also, players can easily upgrade some of the important aspects such as the characters, and weapons with the help of some of the important in-game currencies that can be easily earned by completing the missions, and by clearing out the houses. 

Introducing the Basics of Bug Heroes: Tower Defense


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The Heroes section allows all the players to check out all the Heroes present. Players can even get the chance to go through the abilities of all the locked heroes and target the best one for unlocking soon. Unlocking the heroes is quite easy, players just need to save Keys and thus with the help of these keys, players can easily unlock more heroes. 


The weapons section allows the players to go through all types of weapons that they will be using while saving the Food stash. The game provides more than 20 weapons and thus players can easily unlock them by clearing out the Houses. Players can also upgrade the weapons by following these simple steps:

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  • Open the game and move to the Weapons section by tapping on the weapons icon. 
  • Select the weapon you want to upgrade.
  • Tap on the Level Up option.

Thus by following these easy steps, players can easily upgrade their desired weapons and make them much stronger. 


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The upgrade section stands for the upgradation of extra skills for all the weapons players have unlocked. This provides extra power to all the weapons and thus players can defend the food stash easily. Players have to buy some of the skills and unlock them with the help of Gems. mainly players can focus on the skills of Tower and Heroes


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The enemy section helps the players go through the stats of all types of enemies they are facing while completing stages under a House. Players can only check the stats of those enemies that have come across the players while playing the game. Surprisingly the game has approximately 30 types of enemies, and this section helps the players to know which enemy will disturb them for longer. 


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The map section is quite one of the most important sections of the game, as the players get to access all the houses from here. Players can also check out the house in the main lobby, but every house has 2-3 chapters and every chapter brings up 15 stages for the players. Players can even unlock the houses with the help of Keys and then they can go through the challenge without any issues or hindrance. 

Bug Heroes: Tower Defense Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Upgrade the Heroes

Players need to focus a lot on upgrading the heroes. Heroes are one of the most important aspects of the game and they play a major role in saving the Food Stash. Thus players need to save up Gold and utilize it for upgrading the heroes. Heroes have to stand out with all the defenses and defeat the enemies, thus try to make your best hero more powerful. 

2. Look out for the Weapons 

Do not utilize all your Gold over the heroes, save some for the weapons as well. Weapons are the support system of heroes and thus they can provide the best set of cover fire towards the enemies that rush towards the Food Stash. So upgrade the weapons and make them stronger. 

3. Complete the Missions 

Players need to go through the map section and complete all the stages under every house. This will help the players to level up faster by collecting more EXPs. also, players can earn lots of in-game resources in the form of rewards such as Keys, Gold, and Gems. so focus on the stages and the chapters under the houses and progress faster, 

4. Defend the Food stash 

Defending the Food Stash is the main objective while fighting against the opponents. Thus players need to use the utilities such as the heroes, and the weapons properly to protect it. If the enemies reach the food stash and destroy it, then it will be counted as a defeat for the players. So use the utilities and skills properly to save the food stash and clear out all the stages. 

5. Strategize well

Players need to plan well and then place the weapons accordingly. This plays a major role as setting up the weapons is a very vital thing for all the players. Winning the rounds mostly depends upon how well players set up the weapons and provide a proper defense to the food stash. So, strategize well and set up the weapons to defend the food stash and win battles. 

Final Thoughts

Bug Heroes: Tower Defense is quite an interesting game to kill time when bored. The game might have very few in-game features but these features are quite accurate and provide proper usage for the players. Thus follow our detailed Bug Heroes: Tower Defense beginners guide and do not forget to check out the tips for beginners as well. So, jump into the world of bugs and defend the tasty fruits to conquer all the houses from the devils. 

That’s all from us for Bug Heroes: Tower Defense Beginners Guide and Tips! Did you find our Bug Heroes: Tower Defense Beginners Guide and Tips helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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