Call of Dragons: The complete Resources Guide and Tips

Know all about the resources in-game!

Call of Dragons is a brand-new mobile RTS kingdom-building game Farlight Games. The Rise of Kingdoms creators has created a whole new MMOSLG fantasy conquest game. The game’s art is fantastic, particularly the incredibly artsy cutscenes and the amazing storyline and world-building done in the first 15 minutes. The game requires players to build a base in addition to visiting other people’s bases on the global map using resources. Here’s an in-depth guide on resources in Call of Dragons.

For many MMO fantasy conquest games or kingdom building, game currencies or resources are the main aspects that players would need to collect to progress and do things in the game itself. In this article, we will tackle the current currencies that are available for players in the game Call of Dragons and where they can use them.

Understanding the in-game Resources

Resources are the currencies that are keeping the upgrades and the progress of the game going. Even though you think that this certain resource is not needed at the moment. The nature of the game will most likely circle back to where you would need these resources much that you would wish you would have farmed them back when you would just see them everywhere.

How to earn and utilize the resources in Call of Dragons

1. Gold

Gold is the main resource in Call of Dragons. Gold is used in almost all transactions in the game. Be it for upgrading buildings, troops, and even heroes. It can be collected by farming with the mint or other quests, or even by exploring the map.

2. Wood

Wood, although not the main resource currency of the game, is very important in the game. It is primarily used for training troops, upgrading, building, and decorating buildings that are present in the base. Players can also collect these by farming with the mint or other quests, or even by exploring the map.

Call of Dragons Resources
Image via Farlight Games

3. Gems

Gems are extremely rare and most of the time players can only effectively gain by paying real money to the developers. The gem is extremely versatile and players can use it in almost all possible things in the game and is usually what players that are pay to win usually cash in for.

4. Mana

Mana is used by players in the later stages of the game. It is usually used for techs and other troops and artifact upgrading. It can be produced in the mana pool and by collecting the in exploring the map where they are scattered.

Call of dragons Exploration Events Observation Tower
Image via Farlight Games

5. Ores

Ores can be used by players to upgrade buildings, tech, and other things. Not as commonly used as Gold and Wood, especially in the earlier stages of the game but is very important. It can also be collected by farming with the mint or other quests, or even by exploring the map.

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