Cat Snack Bar Beginners Guide and Tips

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Cat Snack Bar is a newly released mobile restaurant game developed by Treeplla. Coming from a developer that solely develops tycoon games it is clear to see that Cat Snack Bar is an AFK tycoon game that will have you watch and upgrade your cat’s restaurant, mini bar, food stand, and the such while watching the very cute and comfy graphics and art of the game. In this Cat Snack Bar Beginners Guide, the players will be able to learn the mechanics and objectives, in game terms, currency, and even tips and tricks for setting up a successful business in the game.

Gameplay Overview

The game is very straightforward as it is a tycoon restaurant game that aims for the comfy casual AFK player base. However, this does not excuse to not learn how to play and earn efficiently.

The objective of the game like the mechanics is pretty simple and straightforward. Basically, the players will be controlling a cat that would want to become successful in business. This means that in order to succeed the players will need to upgrade the restaurant, bar, food truck, taco shop, or whatever to the maximum it can.

Cat Snack Bar Beginners Guide
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Doing so will unlock a choice for the players whether they would like to set up shop in another location or basically have a next branch where they would sell a different set of products with a higher range and difficulty of upkeep from scratch.

Introducing the Basics of Cat Snack Bar

As said above Cat Snack Bar is an AFK tycoon restaurant game that caters to the AFK and casual types of gamers. This means that the immediate mechanics of the game is pretty straightforward. This includes upgrading the equipment of the cat when the players have enough money, watching the gameplay itself while waiting to have more money for better upgrades, and then occasionally clicking the tips left by some of the customers to collect them.

Image via Treeplla
  • A, B, C +: The game employs a unique currency system where they put a b c d e to signify the amount by the power of 10. This means that 1a is 1000, 1b is 10000, 1c is 100000, and so on and so forth
  • Merchandise: Merchandise is items that can be bought using gems. Buying them gives the players significant upgrades that not only last during the time in the branch but even to the next branches as the upgrade is permanent.
  • Suitcases: Suitcases are basically the mini gacha part of the game. It is here where you can get costumes which are basically vanity suits that give off bonuses based on their rarity. Suitcases can be bought with gems but may also be given off as rewards in the game.

Resource Management

The game currently has two main currency in the game one of them are gems and the other one is called revenue. Gem is considered to be the “Pay to Win” currency of the game. It is what the players would get if they topped up real money into the game. In comparison to other games, the top-ups of Cat Snack Bar are pretty tame. Additionally, gems are not particularly hard to come by in the game.

After finishing 4 stages or expansions my playthrough already had 100 gems to use. Gems can be used to gain more revenue boosts, and even to buy cases where the players will be able to gain costumes that give bonuses.

Revenue is the actual main currency of the game that is needed in order to progress. The players can get this through in-game transactions like sales of customers and tips. The players can also spend these to upgrade the stores and progress to the next stages.

Cat Snack Bar Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Spend Gems wisely

Gem is a relatively rare currency available in the game. It is very important to know when and where to spend them as they may help you progress through the game quicker especially when invested in costumes and/or merchandise.

2. Don’t be afraid to leave the game  

One misconception by grindy gamers about the game is that you need to grind in order to progress faster in the game. Although this may be right in some regards, it will only really burn you out of the game and make you want to not play anymore. Take advantage of the AFK aspect of the game where you can leave it be and still have a huge income when coming back.

3. Merchandise is always a long-term investment  

Merchandises although may seem to give small bonuses and upgrades to the game, these bonuses may pile up, especially as they are permanent upgrades that would only give more revenue the more time given when they are first purchased.

That’s all for today’s Cat Snack Bar beginners guide. Did you find our Cat Snack Bar beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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