Catalyst Black Beginners Guide and Tips

Basic tips and tricks for some intense action

Catalyst Black is a brand new arena battle game, which presents both responsive gameplay and beautiful graphics. If you are a fan of the genre, this game is definitely something you’d want to try out. Before you jump in though, it is a good idea to look at what you are coming up against. This beginner’s guide will supply you with a bunch of tips and tricks which could help you kickstart your journey in Catalyst Black.

Look for pick-ups

There are two types of items you can pick up in matches, ammunition, and masks:

Image via Super Evil Megacorp
  • Ammunition: This is the essential material used to fire your heavy weapon, without it, you can’t use your heavy weapon. Always be looking for these red pick-ups to ensure that you simply never run out of ammo.
  • Masks: These are the blue pick-ups and they play a role in cutting down the cool-down time for your main ability. The amount of time they cut off can reach around 10 seconds, which is a huge benefit. It could even be worth just scavenging for these pickups to get your main ability as soon as possible.

Use your abilities wisely

The first instinct you probably have as soon as your main ability is refreshed is to use it. That’s not always the right idea, only use it if the situation is right. The best situations to use the main ability in are when:

  • You are about to capture a point/flag
  • Your opponents are about to capture a point/flag
  • You are in a fight with a large number of enemies
  • Your teammates are in a sticky situation
Image via Super Evil Megacorp

These four are the situations in which using your main ability will have the largest effect. Once it is active, you can pound through enemies and enjoy your 20 seconds of almost invincibility.

Stick to a specific playstyle

Your play style in Catalyst Black, like with any game is the deciding factor in your performance. That is why you need to come up with a strong playstyle that works for you. Then, you will be able to pick the load-outs according to that play style

1. Stick with your team

Teamwork is a key part of success in this game, you’ll find that it is very hard fighting lone wolf. Stick with your teammates and coordinate with each other, this will make it considerably easier to score high in matches.

2. Utilize the Bush

You can literally go invisible in the game, which is as good as it sounds. The bushes in the game map will cover you, making you completely vanish from enemy sights. You could plan so many great ambushes using this tactic, so take full advantage of it.

3. Avoid Central Areas

One of the most common tips, not only for Catalyst Black but for almost all PVP games is to avoid central areas. You can get easily surrounded and obliterated in seconds, it is just as bad as it sounds. When you stick to the edges, you have the map edge covering your back, so you don’t need to worry about attacks coming from there at all. This can be very useful to you in battle.

Pre-activate the Mods

Mods are customizable additions to your weapons/gear which boost stats, which can be very useful to you. It can be easy to miss these out so make sure that you do keep on top of them. The upgrades you can get from them can even be game-changing.

Image via Super Evil Megacorp

There is a chance that the mods can be un-equipped by themselves so just make sure that you are checking back from time to time to make sure that they are there.

Final Thoughts

With the above tips and tricks guide, you can easily play the matches and apply them while facing the enemies in Catalyst Black. In order to move into a pro scene, keep grinding the matches, and remember to keep in mind the tips and tricks.

What are your thoughts on Catalyst Black Basic Tips and Tricks Guide? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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