Charlotte’s Table Beginners Guide and Tips

Unravel Charlotte’s story into the restaurant business!

Charlotte’s Table is a role-playing video game, recently developed and published by Netmarble. The game is a mix of decoration, design, and puzzle game genres. The game intends that the players go through the storyline while playing along. Here is the complete beginners guide of Charlotte’s Table for amateurs to help them they can understand the game with ease and enjoy it without facing any difficulties or confusion. As soon as the player enters the game, the players are introduced to the tutorial about the storyline and how to play the puzzles to reach the goals of the ‘chapters’.

Gameplay Overview

Charlotte’s table is a fun match-3 game. As soon as the player enters the game, they are introduced to the main storyline and gameplay of the game. The game has been divided into a few parts in relation to Charlotte’s life story, in which you need to finish different tasks to move forward and establish her dream restaurant.

Charlotte’s Table Beginners Guide
Image via Netmarble

The main part of the game is a match 3 puzzle game. The basics of the game are that the player needs to play the puzzle by matching elements in the puzzle with similar colors and shapes. The player gets a few boosters when they match elements of 4 or more. Each booster gives a different effect to the puzzle. The main objective of the level is given at the left of the screen. Once the player clears the main goal of the game, the level is cleared. Then the player receives rewards based on how well they cleared the level.

Charlotte’s Table overview gameplay
Image via Netmarble

With the rewards received, the players will move on to play the next phase of the game. This phase of the game involves decoration and the development of the space given. The space depends on the chapter in which the player is. When a player plays this decorative phase of the game, they level up to the next chapters.

Introduction to basics of Charlotte’s Table

  • Profile: On the top left of the screen, the players can see a profile picture with a character. Upon clicking on it, players can see and change their profile picture and nickname too.
  • Resources Panel: Right next to the profile, players can see four icons showing the number of resources they own like hearts, gold coins, cash, and stars.
  • Camera: There is a camera icon on the right top of the screen along with other icons. When the player clicks on the camera icon, they can take a screenshot of the decorated item they have decorated.
  • Ranking: There is a trophy icon at the top right of the screen along with other icons. When the player clicks on it, they can see their country-wise and global ranking in regards to the game.
  • Community: There is a people icon on the top right of the screen along with other icons. When the player clicks on it, they can either join or make a team and play the game as a community. The players can search for a specific team by searching for the name of the team. Even if the player does not remember the exact name of the team, they can adjust the search to search for partial matches.
Events Charlotte's Table
Image via Netmarble
  • Settings: On the top right of the screen, the players can see a settings icon along with other icons. When the player clicks on it, they can see settings related to the game and information about the game.
  • Missions and Episode: On the bottom left of the screen, we can see a list icon. When the player clicks on it, they can see the ongoing, finished, and upcoming missions and episodes. In this section, the player can spend achieved rewards to fulfill missions.
  • Decoration and Design Space: There are a few icons at the center bottom of the screen, which we can decorate as we pass missions and levels. They are unlocked as the player moves forward with the game. They depend on the type of episode the player is in.
  • Puzzle levels: On the bottom right of the screen, the players can see a play icon. When the players click on it, they can play the match 3 puzzle levels and win rewards and move forward in the game.
  • Events: On the right side of the screen, the players can see a few ongoing event icons. The players can open and see the objectives of the events and participate in them.
  • Obstacles: Obstacles refer to the challenges in the puzzle which need to be cleared using match 3 or more, power-ups, and boosters.

Utilizing your Resources

In-game Currency

There are four types of in-game currency.

  • Heart: Hearts are needed to play the levels and we lose one heart every time we fail the level. Players are given five hearts, and a maximum of eight hearts during a special recipe. Hearts are recharged over time. Hearts can be received and given to peers too.
  • Gold: Gold is received as a reward for clearing levels and completing tasks. Gold can be used to buy hearts, boosters, and additional moves in the levels.
In-game currency Charlotte's Table
Image via Netmarble
  • Star: Stars are a resource used to play decorative games and finish missions and past episodes. They can be collected by clearing levels.
  • Vouchers: Vouchers are used to dress up Charlotte in our own style. They can be collected by clearing levels, finishing a task or mission, and playing events.


There are four types of power-ups in the match 3 puzzle game.

  • Rocket: This power-up can be obtained by matching four elements in a row or column. It clears the whole row or column (depending on the direction of the rocket)
  • Bomb: This power-up can be obtained by matching five elements in a ‘T’ or ‘L’ shape. It clears up the radius of tiles around it.
  • Propeller: This power-up can be obtained by matching four elements in the shape of a square. When activated, it goes to a tile and clears it. This is most useful when the obstacles are far from the target.
  • Rainbow bomb: This power-up can be obtained by matching five elements in a line along the row or the column. When they are exchanged with an element, they clear all the tiles with similar elements.

Power-ups can be activated by double tapping on them too. To obtain more powerful clearing, the players can combine the power-ups to see other special powers too.


Boosters can be achieved as rewards or can be purchased using gold. These boosters can be used when the moves in the puzzle cannot solve the goal. Types of boosters are:

  • Fork: It clears one selected tile.
  • Mallet: Removes tiles around the selected tile. Acts like a bomb.
  • Candy basket: This booster places five propellers at random places at the beginning of the game giving us a head start.

Charlotte’s Table Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Charlotte’s Table is an adorable and easygoing game. Most of the game is simple and smooth flowing and quite enjoyable with the storyline in between the games. Here are some of our tips in our Charlotte’s Table Beginners Guide to help you, newbies, to kickstart your journey.

  • While playing the decorative game, make sure to see that everything follows one theme.
  • Join or create a team to cumulatively enjoy the growth process and build a nice community together.
Netmarble Charlotte's Table
Image via Netmarble
  • Don’t forget to use the received awards to clear missions and buy the accessories needed.
  • Try to clear the game with fewer moves to win more awards.
  • Participate in events to win special rewards and resources.

If you are a player interested in puzzles and decorative games, then Charlotte’s Table is the perfect game for you. Therefore, don’t hesitate to give it a try, and never forget to refer to this Charlotte’s Table beginners guide for advice if you run into problems.

That’s all from us for Charlotte’s Table Beginners Guide! Did you find our Charlotte’s Table beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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