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Chimeraland: How to contact customer support service

Find out the easiest way to report bugs in the game

Chimeraland is a unique sandbox RPG that takes place in an open universe. It boasts great global exploration with four continents and over nine billion square feet of maps to gather, hunt, build homes, and even seek out some nice treasure. Since its release for mobile phones, there might be a few things players would need to report when it comes to the overall gameplay. This can be some bugs, glitches, or even some fixes that need to be adjusted. Players would have to get into contact with the customer support service of Chimeraland itself, and how does one do that?

How to contact Chimeraland customer support

Since it is a new game that has come on mobile phones, Chimeraland is slowly still working on the customer support service in the app itself. Players can go to the pause menu of the game or the main menu and choose to report an issue or bug that they encounter. This would then lead them to the mobile version of the Chimeraland website. From there, players could navigate through the site and continue to report and contact customer service support.

What players can do if they find the steps above to be quite tedious or difficult, is that they can head on over to the main website of Chimeraland and take It from there. 

  1. Players would have to navigate their mouse across the screen and hover over the Contact button and click it. This would then bring up a prompt regarding the help a player can get once they have clicked the button.
Chimeraland contact customer support
Image via Level Infinite

2. From there, players should click the mobile version part on the prompt. This would then lead them to the next menu where they could select which problem they are facing. As seen in the picture above, players can choose whichever issue they currently have and after selecting which one, it would lead them to the frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) regarding the string of issues included. 

3. Clicking on any of the following would then lead players to attain the answer to their questions or issues regarding what they encountered in the game. The answers for specific and certain FAQ’s are all there unless a new one would be discovered by players. In which case, players should follow the next step.

4. Players who find a new bug, glitch, or issue can directly talk to a chatbot or a live customer service representative by clicking the robot head icon on the lower right part of the prompt. It would lead them to a menu and chatbox like shown below and players could choose which category their queries belong to. From there, it would lead them to a series of more FAQs (more recent ones), then provide the answer to the player.

Chimeraland contact customer support
Image via Level Infinite

Though there may be some more glitches out there not tackled by the developers, coders, and customer service support, players can still feel free to report something new if ever they find it. Players can go on ahead and type in their message and report whatever they have found or whatever is causing them trouble and customer service support would be more than willing to get back to players if the issue is not easily resolved or if it would pose a major problem within the game. 

While Chimerland is still a fairly new game, it is not perfect. It may still have a few bugs and issues here and there but rest assured, the game is constantly being checked and if ever something goes unnoticed, players can always contact their customer support team. Not only would this make the game much better but more enjoyable for the players and others as well.

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