Civilization: Reign of Power Beginners Guide and Tips

Play your way through the ages and choose your path to victory!

Civilization: Reign of Power is a new MMOSLG title from the house of Nexon Games. Players assume the role of major leaders and work to build their civilization from scratch. This game is intended to be a mobile edition of the popular Sid Meier’s Civilization series by Firaxis Games on PC. With a range of famous leaders to recruit, a great collection of buildings and decorations to design with, and a plethora of different strategies to use, there are countless possible ways to play this game. However, with so much content, there are also a lot of things to keep in mind and a lot of decisions to make. In this Civilization: Reign of Power beginners guide, we go through each of the key aspects of the game, as well as some tips and tricks to quick-start progress on your civilization.

Picking the Civilisation Leader

The first task is to select a leader out of a range of 14 options based on real-life history. Each leader represents a different civilization, for example, Gandhi represents India, and Napolean represents France. Each leader provides a different buff, and each one focuses on a type of playstyle: Domination, Science, and Culture.

Civilastion Reign of Power Picking the Leader
Image via Nexon

The game provides missions to complete which essentially help work towards each of these three play-styles. A growing civilization must succeed in all departments but leaders speed up development in one key area of their choice.

Domination Victory

The aim here is to establish domination with the civilization by conquering each of the World’s Wonders. This style focuses on military strength and diplomatic strategies. To help in domination-focused missions, the following leaders are worth picking:

EgyptRamesses II
RomaAugustus Caesar
ChinaWu Zetian
Ottoman EmpireSuleiman

Science Victory

The focus here is to develop the civilization’s technology to its maximum. Starting from the basic resources, players work their way up to advanced machinery, eventually reaching the level of space stations and high-tech aircraft. The following leaders help with this:


Culture Victory

This one is more of a softer approach to the game, and the missions lead towards creating great artworks and other historical artifacts, in addition to building museums and exploring natural wonders. The best leaders for this are:

ArabiaHarun al-Rashid
JapanOda Nobunaga

Building the Civilization

Fortunately, the game provides lots of help through tutorials on the different ways to build civilization. Following these instructions carefully will provide all the basic information needed. Put simply, the basic idea is to gather resources by farming on the surrounding land, or by completing missions, then using those resources to place new buildings and defenses to reinforce or upgrade the civilization. For those that have played games such as Clash of Clans, this game’s building, and progression features function in a similar way.

Understanding Currencies

Currency is everything in Civilisation: Reign of Power, and like most games, there are a couple of different currencies available to use. Whilst the game offers a lot of these currencies at the start, it’s better to still manage them carefully, and avoid spending too much on buffs and other temporary benefits.

  • Gold: The citizens of the civilization pay tax to the City Hall, and this comes through as Gold. The more people live in the civilization, the more the gold earnings. There are other ways to earn Gold but the primary way is by improving the civilization, attracting more citizens, and earning reputation bonuses. Gold can be used for a variety of things, such as to upgrade buildings, train troops, and activate temporary buffs.
Civilastion Reign of Power Gold
Image via Nexon
  • Gems: This is the more premium currency that can be earned through completing missions, achievements, etc. Since this is a valuable currency, gems can be put towards purchasing Advanced Recruitment Banners (more on this later) and other valuable items and buffs.


The missions are very important in Civilisation: Reign of Power. Not only do they reward players with useful items and resources, but they also form part of the game’s storyline. There are 3 types of missions in this game, and this includes Season Missions, Daily Missions, and Challenges. Daily missions are basic tasks that reset every day and are usually quite simple to do. Challenges are more difficult than daily missions but they are also more rewarding.

Season missions are more directed, milestone-like tasks that are intended to help players on the path to advancement. Completing these will allow players to progress through the game’s eras and unlock higher-level technology for civilization.

Summoning System

Another core gameplay mechanic in Civilisation: Reign of Power is its Great People summoning system. This is essentially a gacha-like system, where players can use special Recruitment Scroll items and currency to purchase Recruitment Banners. A Great Person is someone who has left their mark on history, either through discovery, notable feats, or military success.

In Civilisation: Reign of Power, these Great People offer their expertise and help progress the civilization further. For example, Isaac Newton of England was notable for his brilliant discoveries in the field of science and he offers his scientific knowledge to help complete missions aimed toward Science Victory.

Civilastion Reign of Power Isaac Newton
Image via Nexon

Each Great Person contributes to either Domination Victory, Science Victory, or Culture Victory. Great People help advance the civilization in one of these sectors, in a similar way to how there was a range of different leaders to choose from at the start of the game.

Each Great Person is ranked from E to A where A is the highest. The higher the ranking, the more effective their contribution, and the lower the probability of obtaining them through the Recruitment Banners. These banners can give Great Person shards or Great Person equipment each with random drop rates depending on their value. There are 2 types of Recruitment currently available in the game:

  • Normal Recruitment: This requires Normal Recruitment Scrolls which are fairly easy to come by. Players can obtain Normal Recruitment Scrolls by completing missions or by exploring the map for treasures. Whilst they are easy to open, Normal Recruitment Banners only offer shards for lower-ranked Great People, in addition to some basic items too. It’s also possible to use Gold to open these banners as well.
Civilastion Reign of Power Recruitment
Image via Nexon
  • Advanced Recruitment: This requires Advanced Recruitment Scrolls which are much harder to obtain in comparison to Normal Recruitment Scrolls. It is also possible to use gems to open Advanced Recruitment Banners. Although difficult to open, these banners have great rewards, with increased chances of obtaining shards for A-ranked Great People, as well as some good items.

Civilization: Reign of Power Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in the Civilization: Reign of Power Beginners Guide to help you, newbies, to kickstart your journey.

1. Manage your Resources Carefully

Particularly with gems, it’s important to manage resources carefully in Civilisation: Reign of Power. It’s tempting to go on a bit of a spending spree but sometimes it’s better to save up for the bigger and more important purchases rather than to go for the limited-time buffs for example.

Civilization Reign of Power
Image via NEXON Games

2. Focus on the Season Missions

Those missions which form part of the era chapters are the most important to go for. They offer good rewards, but the key thing is that they progress the civilization’s era which means they unlock new buildings and new missions to do. It can be easy to get carried away building armies or farming for resources – try to focus on the missions as well since they will have a knock-on effect on everything else.

3. Collect the Great Works

Great Works are pieces of famous art, or artifacts discovered in history. These are great ways to boost the civilization’s prosperity and it’s worth working towards collecting them. Players can play minigames or complete puzzles to discover these and then add them to the civilizations’ museum.

4. Unlock Research nodes in the Observatory

Research nodes can range from boosts to farming, troops, and even unlocking communication and other social features of the civilization. Keep an eye on these and purchase some buffs using the resources collected. They can be really helpful later on in the game and are definitely worth doing.

Civilization-Reign-Of-Power game
Image via Nexon

5. Keep upgrading Great People

Great People can provide benefits to domination, science, and culture so it’s important to have the best of these. After collecting some basic lower-tier Great People, start aiming for the Advanced Recruitment Banners to get the best Great People. Additionally, recruitment banners drop items and use these items to maximize each Great Person’s abilities.

Final Thoughts

Civilization: Reign of Power is packed with content and features to keep gamers entertained for ours. What stands out though, is its references to key events, arts, and personalities that have made their mark in history. So go ahead and give it a try! If you find trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back on this Civilization: Reign of Power Beginners Guide for tips.

That’s all from us for the Civilization: Reign of Power Beginners Guide! Did you find our Civilization: Reign of Power beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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