Clash of Clans: How to beat the Clashiversary Challenge #1

A three star guide for you!

The ongoing August 2023 season of Clash of Clans will be celebrating the 11th anniversary of the game, for which they have come with the ‘Clash to the Future’. The first challenge event of the season is now live, the Clashiversary Challenge #1 showcasing the Future Warden skin and featuring yet another interesting base layout that players must conquer to achieve a flawless three-star attack. As Clash of Clans players are eager to take on this fresh challenge, we have devised effective strategies to 3-star this Clashiversary Challenge #1.

Introducing the Clashiversary Challenge #1 in Clash of Clans

Here we have a Town Hall 15 base designed by popular content creator Judo Sloth. To be fair, it is a tricky base, with the single target Inferno and the X-bow cluster making the base look dodgy. The Monolith and the Clan Castle placements also make it a hard nut to crack since they are placed afar and might eat your time if you don’t play your cards right.

Clash of Clans Clashiversary Challenge #1
Image via Supercell

The rewarding pattern is similar to all the previous challenges. Along with the extra resources that are provided, players can gain 400 XP, 25 Gems, and 1x Research Potion.

How to beat the Clashiversary Challenge #1 in Clash of Clans

The base needs to be analyzed properly before attacking with your troop combination not good enough to give you the right amount of confidence. In the base itself, you have the numbers marked in wall designs, so we will follow the same. Don’t worry as we will try to keep things simple in this guide so that players can easily three-star the base.

Starting things, keep your Grand Warden set to ground. This way, we can follow up with the Warden Walk. On the top right, deploy the Warden and follow up with the four Healers. This is because we will be using the recall spell on the Warden, Unicorn, and the Healers, and if we deploy five healers at the start, the spell won’t work.

Clash of Clans Clashiversary Challenge #1 steps
Image via Supercell

You can leave it to destroy the right side of the base, and once cleared, use the recall spell to begin the attack from the bottom side, to take out the three X-Bow clusters. Once deployed, use the rage on the Warden, and then deploy one more healer as you don’t need to worry about the recall spell anymore. Deploy a loon as well, so that it will trigger a mine near the huts.

Next step, you need to take out the center of the base, for which the Battle Blimp comes in handy. Deploy from the middle of both destroyed sides, so that it enters straight into the middle. Once down, use the invisibility spells on the Super Archers so that they can out the middle sector easily while keeping the intervals are four seconds each for every spell deployed.

Clash of Clans Clashiversary Challenge #1 steps
Image via Supercell

On the bottom side, by then, the Warden would have reached the Clan Castle easily, where you need to deploy the Poison spell. It doesn’t need much of a hassle, and then move on to the Infernos. Deploy the Giant as well as the Skeleton Spell to keep the single targets distracted so that the Warden can clear out the Infernos.

If it locks on, use the Freeze spell on it. Else save it to the final Wizard Tower and Monolith defenses where you can deploy Earthquake and Freeze for an easy three-star. But there might be a time constraint hurting you, so be careful with that. If you follow this guide and the steps, be assured, you are walking away with a three.

Did you find our guide on the Clash of Clans Clashiversary Challenge #1 helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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