Clash of Clans: How to beat the Dark Ages Warden Challenge

Clash of Clans yet again came up with another interesting challenge, the Dark ages Warden Challenge. This challenge mostly focuses on the prime aspect of the Dark Ages WardenThus, players must go for the challenge and try to claim 3 stars along with the best set of rewards provided by the officials. 

Introducing the Dark Ages Warden Challenge in Clash of Clans 

The Dark ages Warden Challenge is a very easy yet tricky base to clear out in the game. The base comprises one of the finest defenses and thus players need to use the provided use properly.

Clash of Clans Dark Ages Warden Challenge
Image via Supercell

After getting a victory over the wish with all the 3 stars, players will thus be rewarded with 400 EXP, 25 Gems, and a Resource Potion

How to beat the Dark Ages Warden Challenge in Clash of Clans

The base is quite easy to attack and looks very daunting, but it is extremely well-designed. Start by assuring your grand Warden is set to ground. Select your Skeleton Spell and place it right on top of that clan castle. Then take the Grand Warden and place it on the top of the Dragon trophy on the left with your healer and then clone the Healer. Once you have placed a valkyrie right on top of the warden, this will run to the north. The reason players must do this is as players have drilled this strategy a lot and on rare occasions.

The warden would be attracted to the builder’s hut, and miss the Scattershot so just assures he attacks the Scattershot. Now select the red spell, this is your recall spell if you’ve not unlocked it yet. Players will be placing this on the warden and the healers, once the scattershot goes down then go for the attack. Now players need to select the recoil spell that has the warden, this is to the right-hand side there. 

Clash of Clans Dark Ages Warden Challenge
Image via Supercell

Place him there and then to the Dragon trophy on the right and clone your healers again. Players can then select the Recall Spell ready to recall the warden once he takes down this scattershot. Some of this attack is managing the selection of your spells, now you can just chill a little bit while it takes that Scattershot. Then this Scattershot goes down we will recall this Warden one more time. So there we again recall him, now select the valkyrie place one on top of the Dragon trophy.

Here on the right one on top of the Dragon trophy to the left players can then allow them to take the Builder Huts down and move towards the south than in true smooth fashion players can spam from the bottom starting with the Ice Golems.

Then players want to have roughly an even split on either side of the arrows so around about five Ice Golems to the left and five to the right then you can place this recalled Warden and the Raged Valkyries. Then the two witches and four Valkyries save one of them alongside that clone spell. 

Clash of Clans Dark Ages Warden Challenge
Image via Supercell

After this, using the Warden’s ability to try and encompass as many of those regular Valkyries as possible. They will run towards that town hall, and Whirlwind attacks the Town Hall and the Monoliths. Once the town hall goes down look at where most of the troops go, and place your Valkyrie on the other side. In this case, at the right, and then you can clone that Valkyrie.

As it moves forward giving you reinforcement to the monoliths is not always necessary. But it guarantees that they go down because on rare occasions you might get unlucky your Warden gets locked onto you by the monolith but that cloning of the Valkyrie will assure that the players get all three stars. 

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